Running is Cheaper than Therapy

I have an obsession for running that is on a level that some find inspiring, and just as many find irritating.  On almost a daily basis I am bombarding my friends through social media with posts gushing about my  “blissful morning runs”, providing mid-race status updates, posting pictures of my newest running shoes, and sending shout outs to friends who are registered for the same races as me.  Step one of twelve for individuals suffering from addiction is recognizing that they have a problem, so this blog is me staging an intervention with myself!  I am  starting this blog as a less intrusive outlet to express my love of all things “runny” or “runny related”.  Those who are interested are invited to be voyeurs, all though my antics will never be as exciting as those with more self-destructive vices.


Ilana and I after her first 5K (2013 Twighlight 5K in Frederick MD).


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