Case of the Mondays? Time to Get Recentered

Last week I had “one of those weeks”! I was off kilter, bouncing from thing to thing; doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that….and a little bit more of this.  Until I was spinning in frenzied circles, making myself dizzy, forgetting what both this and that were.  It all came to a head yesterday, with me feeling totally overwhelmed and sitting on the floor pouting, wondering why my house and bills couldn’t just take care of themselves.  When I reached the point where my mental reasoning was on par with a toddler, there was only one thing left to do, take a nap! Or at that point in the night; go to bed, wake up fresh, and start over again.

So today being the beginning of a whole new week, I decided it was time to re-center myself and start this week off right!  First things first, I stopped pouting and cleaned my house.  (It’s hard to de-clutter the mind when surrounded by clutter.)  Then I lit some candles, rolled out my sticky mat, and got my yogi on! Not only is yoga great for toning and stretching out those sore running muscles, it is great for the mind.  Yoga teaches you to focus on the present moment and quiets the mind.  I could tell by how I was wobbling on some of my balance poses that I wasn’t in the right place mentally.  But as I continued to focus on my breathing (On an immature note, it makes me giggle every time Bryan Kest says “Don’t be a mouth breather.” Lol) and finding focal points for my eyes, I began to relax and ease more comfortably into poses.  By the end, I had not been transformed into a glowing unicorn (Bryan Kest’s soothing voice makes that seem like a REAL possibility), but I felt a lot better.  Not a bad start to a new week!  🙂

“All poses are endless. That’s why we have to be where we are at because we  are already there.” ~Bryan Kest  (Umm…what does this mean?! Lol)

P.S. In case you didn’t notice, I’m in love with Bryan Kest! Lol



Are you a yogi? What do you do to re-center when you’re feeling stressed?





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