It’s a Winter Wonderland!

The East Coast got hit with another nasty Winter Storm a few days ago.  I am beginning to wonder if my daughter and I are going to school and work again before March!  Not that I’m complaining, I’m enjoying the extra quality time snuggling up with hot chocolate and movies.  🙂  I slipped outside a couple of times Wednesday and Thursday, excited to hop around in the snow, to be quickly persuaded by the freezing winter air to slip back INSIDE and stay there! Last night it finally seemed warm enough to go play in the snow, perhaps in part because of the red wine I enjoyed with dinner. Haha

We got a big bonfire going in the yard and Ilana, Danny, and I spent a couple of hours playing in the snow. Ilana and I decided to build a snowman; I’m not a big fan of the snow and I HATE being cold, so it had been a long time since I built a snowman. I started by forming a compact ball of snow and rolling it up and down the large piles of on either side of the driveway….Whew! I forgot how much work building a snowman is! Granted, I grew up in Texas, so my snowman building technique may be less than perfect! Lol As my snow balls increased in size, and I lifted them up to pile my three not so symmetric mounds on top of each other, I began to feel a slight burn in my abs, obliques, shoulders, and arms. Danny noticed my effort and joked that I needed to do more cross fit! Probably true! Lol It did make me wonder how many calories you can actually burn building a snowman, and of course being the dork that I am, I looked it up later that night. I was happy to see that all of my playing in the snow, while not as high intensity as my normal cardio sessions, actually burned off the couple glasses of wine I indulged in at dinner. 🙂 Burning calories was not my primary goal, but it was a nice added benefit and a reminder that sometimes play=exercise.

So in case you were wondering how many calories you can burn playing in the snow, here are some numbers:

-Building a snowman=285 calories an hour
-Having a snowball fight=319 calories an hour
-Making snow angels=214 calories an hour
-Sledding=468 calories an hour
-Snowmobiling=234 calories an hour

Some ideas of more intense snow activities/work-outs:

-Snowshoeing=450 calories an hour (Seriously considering renting some snowshoes from REI to give this a try!)
-Cross-country skiing=510 calories an hour
-Skiing (Downhill)=594 calories an hour
-Snowboarding=428 calories an hour
-Shoveling Snow=414 calories an hour (Ok, so this one isn’t fun, but it’s ok to count it as your daily workout!)

(Note: All of these numbers are based on 150 lb person and of course vary depending on intensity)

Since a lot of us still have several weeks left of crazy snow, lets make the best of it and get outside, have fun, play in the snow! 🙂

Building my Snowman!

Building my Snowman!


4 thoughts on “It’s a Winter Wonderland!

    • Lol! You don’t have to burn them on purpose, that is the whole point! 😉 But yes, hot chocolate is delicious! The couple hours of me playing outside that I talk about in this blog was pretty much it for my outside time! I’m too fragile for this cold air! Lol

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