Week 10 Training Recap

Despite the cold weather, and thanks to my treadmill, week 10 of marathon training was a success!  I was able to recover from Sundays discouraging long run mishap, by extending my training week through today.  I decided it was OK to extend week 10 through today, since it WAS a 3 day weekend! Maybe not ideal, but sometimes training requires a bit of flexibility.  😉  This week I focused on having a mini goal for each individual run.  Here is a quick recap:

Week 10:

Monday (Planned Cross Training)-54 minutes of Power Yoga

Tuesday (Planned 4 Miles)-4 Miles Fartlek Run on Treadmill (Mini-Goal: Speed Training)

Wednesday (Planned 8 miles)-Rest Day (Busy “hunkering down” for snow storm!)

Thursday (Planned 4 miles)-8 miles on treadmill (Mini-Goal: Negative Split)

Friday (Planned Rest)-4 miles on treadmill (Mini-Goal: Strong Finish, “Ragnar-Style” Final Mile)

Saturday (Planned Run 8)- 8 miles on treadmill (Mini-Goal: Race Pace)

Sunday (Planned Run 17)-Rest Day/Mini-Meltdown! (See Below)

Monday (Planned Cross Training)-17.2 miles run outside through Davidsonville (Mini-Goal: Maintain Steady Pace)

Total Miles for Week 10- 41.2

Total Miles for 2014-193.6

And the long on the long run:

Sunday I ate a big bowl of cereal with almond milk and bananas and headed out at noon to do my long run; it seemed like a good idea since it’s been so bitter cold and that would be the warmest time of the day.  I had to make a quick stop to pick up a couple GU energy gels and NUUN tablets for my water.  Most of the trail reports from my fellow-running buddies were dismal, it seemed like most of the trails had not been cleared yet and were slick, covered in snow and black ice.  I headed to the BWI bike trail, thinking being a commuter trail, it may have been cleared.  I arrived at the BWI trail head at 2 pm, and found it had not been cleared at all.  



Shoot!  I headed to the Observation area, hoping the main trail loop had been cleared.  No such luck!  I felt frustrated as I started the 45 minute drive back towards Annapolis to give the B&A Trail a shot.  A friend told me that it hadn’t been cleared yet but it was passable….by the time I made it to the Bolters Way parking lot (1/3 mile from B&A trail), it was close to 4 pm, I was starving (realizing that bowl of cereal was the only food I had all day) and beyond flustered, so I made the tough decision to abort this run.  I am obsessive about getting my long run in and was upset that I had wasted half of the day driving around MD trying to find somewhere to run, so I felt like a failure as I drove back to my house.

By the time I got home, I had given myself my “it’s OK to be flexible” pep talk and decided I was just going to run from my house, sticking to main roads, first thing Monday morning.  I spent some time studying a map of Davidsonville on “Mapmyrun”, gathered all of my running gear so I would be able to find it easily in my early morning haze (I’m so not a morning person!), and set my alarm clock for 5:45.  I all ready felt much better!

When I woke up this morning to run, it was a bone chilling 17 degrees!  I hate, hate, hate the cold, but NO WAY I was NOT going to get this long run done!  So I added an extra layer and headed out the door.  To say it was cold, would be a major understatement!  My face and lungs burned, and I considered turning back home after making it 2 short miles down the road.  I took of my headphones, stuck my iPod in my pocket, and just focused on running and being in the present.  I focused on my form and maintaining my pace (slow, but steady) by controlling my arm swing, and pushed myself to keep going.  I also let my mind wander a few times, day dreaming about everything from my post-apocalypse survival plan to eating a delicious bowl of lamb and potato stew to wondering where the heck I was!  Yes, I have a horrible sense of direction and get lost on a lot of my runs! It’s part of what makes running so much fun for me!  I love exploring and winding down back country roads.  Some of the views of the woods, farm houses, horses, frozen streams, and snow covered fields were breath taking! Oh yeah, I’m still running, remember to breathe!  On another random note, to add to the rest of this randomness, peanut butter GU is delicious when it’s frozen!  All though I did feel like a dog with peanut butter stuck on the top of my mouth trying to eat it! Lol  

Finally, after over two and half hours of running, I was home, overwhelmed by a strong feeling of satisfaction that I had finished that run!  Time to shower, relax, and enjoy the rest of my day off!  As I took of my layers and layers of running clothes, I noticed that my sweaty pig-tails were frozen solid! Haha  Oh, then Ilana and I went and saw the movie Frozen, that was the theme of the day! 🙂


This is what frozen work-out hair looks like! 😉





5 thoughts on “Week 10 Training Recap

  1. Ugh, I can relate to your Sunday! It’s so frustrating to spend all that time driving around trying to find a safe place to run, but you were right to throw in the towel and wait a day (though I know how tough that must have been)! Enough, winter!

  2. You make me laugh at your witty input…I wish I could count reading your blogs as my daily exercise because I do laugh at least an extra 15 calories as I read 😉 I guess I need to stop whining after my hour bike ride in my nice warm house after I see what devotion you have at stay with your training workouts. LOL

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