Week 11 Training Recap

Sometimes a change in scenery is all a person needs to put a little “pep back in their step”.  I was starting to feel grumpy about spending so many cold winter evenings running on my treadmill.  Even though I put a lot of miles in on my treadmill, I DESPISE it at times.  It seems so pointless running and running and running….for an hour plus and going nowhere.  And I have a hard time getting mentally in the zone when I don’t have pretty, shiny objects and squirrels to looks at.  This weekend was exactly what I needed, the amazing weather and two awesome trail runs, to get me out of my rut and finish off another training week strong.  I am proud of the fact that I logged all my planned training miles.  I slacked off on all forms of cross-training and even though kettle bells, TRX straps, and yoga mats are inanimate objects, I am positive mine missed me!  I have the tendency to fall into a pattern of neglecting (or just plain NOT doing) my cross-training so that is my goal for improvement next week.

Without further ado, as I’m sure the suspense is killing you ;-), a recap of my training week:

  • Tuesday: 5 miles on the treadmill
  • Wednesday: 7 miles on the treadmill
  • Thursday: Rest Day (Being ornery and refusing to get on the treadmill)
  • Friday: 5 miles on the treadmill (Forced myself, but I was NOT happy about it)
  • Saturday: 9 miles on BWI trail (Happily frollicking and relishing not being on my treadmill…see below for a pic of the causality of this run)
  • Sunday: 18 miles on Jonas Green Park/B&A Trail (Loving Life!)

Total Week Miles: 44

Total 2014 Miles: 237.6


My banged up knee from my graceful display during Saturday’s Run! 😉

And no, I really did not do an ounce of cross-training; not a crunch, not a jumping jack, nor a single stretch!! 😛

My random parting thoughts for the week:

1) Everyone’s life should have a soundtrack! (This week I had “The Moves Like Jagger”!)

2) Do everything with a purpose, that’s what gives life meaning.

3) Love and be kind always.  Apply this to everyone, including yourself.

4) Everyone is on a different journey, and everyone is at a different point on their journey.  Remember that, don’t judge, and be proud of others accomplishments.

5) Continuation of #4-Always smile and wave when passing other runners; give each other encouragement.

6) Be a strong woman and respect other strong women.

7) A woman’s uterus will not fall out if she runs a marathon.

(Based on reading history of women banned from marathons, I just found it funny!)

8) Stop doubting yourself, how many things have you all ready done that you thought you’d never be able to do?

9) Haters gonna hate.

10) “God help you if you’re a phoenix and you dare to rise up from the ash.  A thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy while you are just flying….” `Ani Difranco


Keep flying!

How was your training week? 🙂


14 thoughts on “Week 11 Training Recap

    • Thank you Helen! Ani Difranco is my favorite singer and I have a fascination with Greek mythology, so when that song came on my ipod during my run today I was really “feeling it”! Lol

  1. And congrats to you too on a solid week of training! I must say, I’m impressed on the miles you can log on the dreadmill, uh treadmill 🙂 some days it works for me, and others I just can’t seem to zone out enough. I guess I need some new music to listen to for indoor running! It’s fun to see someone a week ahead of me in marathon stories…I’m guessing we’ll have some good long run/taper stories to compare in the near future!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Caroline! The treadmill time has been painful, I dread anything over 6 miles on that “hamster wheel”! Music helps but I can’t wait for the Spring when I can spend more time outdoors! And I agree, it is very cool reading your blogs as well with us being ALMOST in sync with our training schedules. Peak mileage then tapering is right around the corner for both of us! Good luck with your training! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the motivating & entertaining blog. I need to get cracking with the running especially since 10m’s hurt more than expected ;-(. Preparing for a half iron man is no joke! Oh & be careful out there 😉

  3. Betty! You are so awesome.

    I woke at 4am just to reply to some e-mails and finally check out your blog, since you are always so nice and supportive on mine. My work hours are crazy right now. If I don’t wake up this early, nothing gets done.

    You have inspired me to start riding my bike this week. I am going to see if I can turn that into walking by next week, and hopefully start running like you do.

    I love that you seem to set yourself small goals. Five miles here, 15 there, etc. I think that would work well with me too.

    By the way, the soundtrack to my life right now is “Move Along” by The All American Rejects.

    Also, I love that phoenix you put up. My friend, who recently passed away, was an avid runner and fitness enthusiast; she also had a giant phoenix tattooed on her back. It was odd to think of a giant tattoo on such a petite and preppy girl, but there you have it! lol

    • Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! Sometimes it’s difficult balancing everything and the idea of adding something else seems overwhelming, but oddly enough running (for me but any form of exercise) helps make everything else seem more manageable. I’m happy I motivated you to give biking a try, I know you won’t regret it! Good luck to you! 🙂

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