Get in shape with your smartphone!

And no, I don’t mean by texting!  Unless you’re trying to get really strong thumbs!  Most of us are attached to our smartphones 24/7, it’s kind of crazy how dependent we’ve become on those convenient pieces of pocket technology.  Not to date myself or anything, but when I was in high school we still had pagers and carried around made up “keys” (index cards or scraps of paper) to decipher messages from our friends.  Then you and your best friend could send each other messages like, “07734” or “hello”.  Lol  Now we can send each other text messages with real words (boring! haha), check e-mail, tweet, Facebook….there is an app for just about anything you want to do.  And I’ve discovered some REALLY cool fitness apps that help me stay in shape and stay on track with my diet.  Here are some of my favorite fitness apps:

1) 100 Push-Ups-

I downloaded this one a little over a year ago because I couldn’t even do ONE push-up.  I decided to give this program a try because the fact that I hated them so much told me that it was exactly what I needed to be working on.  It starts out with an assessment, then depending on what your starting point is, it starts you out on one of three levels (All I can tell you is zero push-ups starts you at level one! Lol).  You do the program 3x a week with at least one rest day in between, and the push-ups are broken into 5 sets (making this somewhat doable).  You gradually increase the number of push-ups you perform with each session.  I will be honest, I NEVER made it to 100, the highest I got was 86.  I keep falling off the push-up wagon and having to start over again.  BUT I can do sets of 10 push-ups now,  and I include 3-4 sets with my cross training sessions a couple of times a week.

Well not QUITE 100, but made significant improvement!

Well not QUITE 100, but made significant improvement!

2) Pocket WOD (Workout of the Day):

All the cross-fitters out there will love this especially!  I’m not hardcore enough to consider myself part of the “elite fitness” cult, but I love the principle behind cross-fit.  Building FUNCTIONAL strength with short, high intensity work-outs utilizing compound (and sport specific if you want) exercises.  This app has scheduled WODs, a WOD library, and lets you tag your favorite work-outs.  It also includes videos that demonstrate different exercises (I’m clueless so I so need these), cool cross fit articles, and lots of yummy Paleo/Clean recipes.  Since my running takes up a majority of my allotted exercise time, I like doing these work-outs for cross training. FYI,  It’s amazing how much you can kick your own butt in 15-20 short minutes!

Ahh...Kettlebells! You'll develop a love/hate relationship with them! :-)

Ahh…Kettlebells! You’ll develop a love/hate relationship with them! 🙂

3) “Eat this not that”

If you’re like me, your busy schedule has you eating out more than you’d like, but don’t let a fast food meal blow your healthy diet!  This app has a list of “healthy” options for most major chain restaurants with nutritional information and grades for different menu items.   I use this app to make the best possible choice when I end up in a McDonald’s drive-through at the end of a long work day.



4) My Fitness Pal-

I am not a believer in expensive and complicated diet plans; I conform to the old school belief that it’s all about calories in versus calories out.  My fitness pal is a calorie counter to help track your food intake and calories burned from daily work-outs.  The food database is amazing, it has virtually every food you could ever want to eat and very easy to search.  The app even has a feature that allows you to scan the bar codes on your food to add to your log (super convenient)!  In addition to counting calories, it provides a lot of nifty charts to show breakdown of Carbs/Protein/Fat and daily vitamin intake.  When you complete your daily log entry, it shows your projected weight in 5 weeks.  There is also a social networking aspect where you can follow and encourage friends for meeting their daily exercise and logging goals.


5) Map My Run-

This is a great GPS based running app that I use on days that I forget to charge my Garmin running watch.  It’s awesome for tracking/mapping distance and speed.    I also like to use it find new routes to run.  🙂


To be continued as I find new fitness/health apps to love….

Do you use any fitness/health apps?  What are your favorite apps?




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