Week 12 Training Recap (Time for an attitude adjustment!)

Does anyone else feel like this right now?


I started week 12 off on the wrong foot, letting winter blues and work stress send me into a pessimistic downward spiral.  It’s funny how that works, once one thing goes wrong it seems like EVERYTHING goes wrong!  You know why that is?  Perception!  When you are focusing on the negative, the negative is all that you notice.  In most cases, all it takes to be happy is a change in perception.  I promise, for every one thing that is going wrong there is one thing going right.  Life balances itself out like that, the whole ying and yang philosophy…I’m a huge believer in that.  Controlling the mind and it’s focus takes practice and conscious effort, but it’s how I manage to stay positive most of the time.  But then there are days or weeks, like this past week, that I loose that focus and I’m like this….


I love picture of cute, furry animals with funny sayings on them! Haha  And they are such great diversions!….from things like me admitting *gulp* that I totally slacked off on training this week!  Time to face the music so here is week 12 in training (thankfully this was a back off week!):

Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: Nothing

Wednesday: Nothing

Thursday: Nothing (+I ate a Mcdonald’s chicken nugget meal and 3 *seriously* apple pies)

Friday: 5 miles treadmill (At least the shame of eating 3 apple pies got me moving again!)

Saturday: 13 miles on B&A Trail (With good old *Stay thirsty* DJ!)

Sunday: 12.5 miles loop around Davidsonville

Week 12 Miles: 30.5 (5.5 miles short of weekly mileage goal)

2014 Miles: 268.1

To sum it up, I only ran 3 of 5 planned running days and skipped out on all of my cross training again.  Luckily I got my head right for the weekend and made up some serious mileage.  Getting to run with my friend Doug (an amazing runner/triathelete) on Saturday definitely helped.  He is very encouraging and has a lot of great endurance and nutrition advice.  Plus, we’re both very competitive (lol), so we both ran a little harder than we would have on our own.  Then the time alone today, running some of my favorite country roads, was that final boost that I needed.  I am feeling refreshed, happy, and centered again; and ready to leave this week behind me and focus on the training week ahead.  I have my first (of 2) 20 miler next weekend.  I am always so excited and nervous for those 20 milers during marathon training.  With just a few weeks left before my taper (then Garden Spot!!) I want to stay focused and centered to give the rest of my training 100% of what I have to give!

I hope everyone else preparing for spring races is having fun and keeping it together!  This winter has been a rough one!  To quote my wise old boyfriend Danny, “Control the mind and the body will follow.”

Do you have any tips for dealing with the “winter training blues”?  Have you been logging miles outside or on the treadmill? With a group or solo?  What do you do to stay focused and keep training fun?


5 thoughts on “Week 12 Training Recap (Time for an attitude adjustment!)

  1. Kristine, you had a great running week!! You got an amazing amount of miles in and I’m glad you are feeling better!! It really stinks when you feel out of routine (I definitely get that), so it’s admirable that you snapped out of it so quickly and got some really great runs in!! Bravo!! We all have up and down weeks and I know you are going to be pleasantly surprised by your marathon!! You’re going to do fantastic- I just feel it!! Have a great rest of the weekend!!!

    • Thank you! You are so sweet and your encouragement means a lot to me! It’s very normal to have ups and downs during training, and I’ve learned to stop beating myself up over it. Overall training for this race has been good and consistent so my fingers are crossed! If nothing else it’s going to be fun to spend a weekend with the Amish! 😉

      • Haha, you’re so funny!!! I honestly think you are going to PR!! I really do!! I still beat myself up a lot, so learning to not is a huge accomplishment! That’s awesome!

  2. First of all “RB”, thanks for showing up & helping me break-in my brand new Hoka One-One “Conquests”. The shoes are amazing & your pace (backed off abit for me) helped me run my fastest 10miler ever! Even though I wanted to throwup when I got back to the car & my 40mile road ride today left my legs “powerless” near the end of the ride, I still appreciated the run. I’m sure i could get faster if I trained like you, but I think the constant pounding would break me down before the next race, so I choose to cross-train (swim, run, bike, lift) instead. However, what I’m learning from you is to follow a well thought-out, intense training regiment that you can realistically stick too, eat as cleanly as possible & most of all, learn to “love it!”. Keep up the good work & keep motivating us to reach our full potential 😉

    Stay Thirsty my Friend, DJ

    • Thanks DJ! It was a good run for me too! 🙂 The cross-training is great, and I’m sure your body thanks you for it! Lucky for me (knock on wood), I haven’t had any injuries yet but you have definitely motivated me to try incorporate more cross-training for a more well rounded fitness routine and a prolonged running career! It just requires a bit more planning, but I will get there eventually! 🙂

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