Pretty Girls Rock

*Psst* I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I can be a bit of a teeny bopper!  My daughter and I routinely rock out in the car (singing at the top of our lungs) to girly pop tunes (Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift are regulars in the rotation)!  Our latest little ditty, Keri Hilson’s Pretty Girl Rock.  The first time I heard this song, I absolutely HATED it!  I thought it was just another narcissistic diva boasting about how amazing she is.  After listening to it a few times, my opinion totally changed; I realized it is an uplifting song telling women/girls to have self-confidence.  Singing this song, and seeing my daughter sing this song (full of attitude) puts the biggest smile on my face!  I wondered why my initial reaction to this song was so negative, what is wrong with a woman thinking and saying that she is pretty?

I think we have been socially conditioned not to but instead to focus on, and point out, each and every one of our perceived flaws.  Even when paid a compliment we (almost defensively) rebut by detailing our list of “defects”.    By doing this we are reinforcing our own negative self image, and the little girls who are looking up to us are learning the same self-depreciating behavior patterns.  So the next time someone tells you that you are beautiful, instead of responding with, “No way, I need to loose weight!” or “Ugh, but my hair is terrible!”….try saying “Thank you!”  (Strutting is also encouraged!) Better yet, tell yourself you are beautiful! And instead of maintaining that mental list of imperfections, start keeping a mental list of the things you love about yourself!  While you’re at it, write it down and read it out loud from time to time!  Why? Because…..Pretty Girls Rock!

Ilana and Mommy Selfies! (We have 100s of these! Lol)

Ilana and Mommy Selfies! (We have 100s of these! Lol)

I like my smile (and that my mini me has the same smile) and my long runners legs!  Give it a try! What do you like about yourself?  


9 thoughts on “Pretty Girls Rock

    • Thank you! This is something I feel very strongly about so I had tried hard to keep from rambling (plan to post more blogs on this topic though). I think there are so many mixed and damaging social messages to women. I wish I would have had the confidence I have now as a teenager and in my 20s. Looking at my daughter, I want nothing more than for be happy with herself and for her to know she is beautiful.

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