Week 13 Training Recap

This was a good week of training, with shorter miles during the week leading up to the first 20 miler on Sunday.  Most of my runs were on the treadmill again, due to snow at the beginning of the week (seriously, when is winter going to be over!!) and long catch up days at work for the rest of the week.  As you can see, I started out the week with the best intentions for cross training! Haha  I got in a walking/incline workout on the treadmill, 1 yoga session, and 1 TRX work-out. ( Baby steps, right?!)  Lol  I need to do some self-psychoanalysis to figure out why I hate all forms of exercise non-running so much!  😛

The Run Down:


  • 25 minute Treadmill “Brazilian Butt Lift” workout (2 miles walking)
  • 54 Minute Bryan Kest Power Yoga



  • 5 miles treadmill (Speed Work)
  • TRX Total Body Circuit (3 Rounds)



  • 5 miles treadmill


  • Rest


  • 5 miles treadmill


  • 5 miles treadmill


  • 20 miles on B&A Trail

This Weeks Miles-40 miles

2014 Miles-308.1 miles

Those 20 milers…they are always my most dreaded and most anxiety provoking runs during every round of training.  I tend to put too much pressure on myself as I see them as predictors of my race performance, and it’s also the point during training that I realize I’m actually running a marathon…it’s all fun and games for me up until that point! Lol  Well the unnecessary pressure isn’t always a good thing, this week it definitely did not go well.   I started out too fast and then when I ate my first 1/2 a GU it instantly upset my stomach.  I tried to slow down my intake, eating 2 GUs total by the end of mile 13.  By mile 15 I was having, doubling over, FML, cramps in my stomach.  I had to walk (oh how I hate to walk! *Sad face*)/shuffle for the last 4 miles of my run.  All though it was discouraging, I’m still happy I got the miles in and I now know I need to tweak my long run fueling routine (better to find out during training and not during a race!).

The fueling during a run has always been my kryptonite.  I eat a lot, but I can’t eat a lot at one time (I graze ALL day long) and my stomach is a finicky jerk.  (Dairy, wheat, red meat, greasy, or salty foods all wreck havoc on me).   Oh, and I am not very good at the whole chewing and running thing! Lol  The last couple of months I’ve been trying NUUN tablets in my water (a couple sips every 2 miles) and GU energy gels (Try for 1 every 45 minute but can’t ever eat more than 2 without my stomach hating me).  I want to be able to eat more on the long runs to keep my energy up.  I’m thinking of learning to chew while I run (haha) and also giving those squeeze apple sauce packets a try….I could totally use some advice on this!

How do you fuel your long runs?  What foods/products do you recommend?


5 thoughts on “Week 13 Training Recap

  1. 20-milers are the worst. Great job, though! 🙂

    I eat a banana and a Clif bar pre-run, and then fuel through the run with Clif Shot Bloks! Last year I used gels, but they always seemed to upset my stomach too. The Bloks aren’t too terrible to eat while running, and they’re like gummy candies! So far my stomach has been happy with them.

    • Thank you for the encouragement and the advice! I’ll definitely give it a try, someone else suggested the Shot Bloks too. I also had a friend today suggest running small bagel pieces. At this point, I’m open minded to anything! 🙂

  2. Haha-so true! Some of the suggestions I’ve gotten would require me to carry a full picnic basket with me! If I have to, I am not above “old man” fanny packing it though! 😉

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