A sunny 70 degree afternoon? Yes please!

This morning I decided to pack my running gear in my car before heading to work so I could run during my daughters gymnastics class.  I knew I had a long day ahead of me, and I’ve learned how to make use of the little bits of “slack time” in my schedule.  The loop around my daughters gymnastics gym is exactly 1.5 miles around and usually does not have much traffic.  Today I had 5 miles scheduled in my training plan, so 3 times around + a few “sprints” up and down the street until I hit my 5 miles.  (I always put sprints in “quoteys” because I do NOT run sprinting fast EVER!  It’s why I have to run long distances to make my 8ish minute miles seem respectable, possibly even sub-impressive!)  I’m almost positive all the other gymnastics moms think I’m insane, but I’m totally cool with that!  I embraced my inner weirdo a long time ago! All though I am still on the fence about bringing my kettle bells and TRX straps in my trunk for some quick cross-fit workouts in the parking lot …..I’m just unsure about the logistics of it….I’d hate to hit some kid in the head doing kettle bell swings!  (Hmmm…I wonder how many bad mommy points that would get me….)

Did I mention, I am so happy I remembered to pack my running gear today?!? I spent a lot of my work day driving around, visiting different customers, and it was cloudy, grey, humid blah the entire day.  I got back to my office with just enough time to change into my running clothes and head back out the door.  When I left my building (we’re talking literally 10-15 minutes here!) there was a bright, sunny, blue sky with the perfect light breeze!  *Insert my big cheesy grin here*  That catchy new Pharrell song “Happy” started playing in my head as I skipped to my car!

This afternoon’s run was the best run I’ve had in weeks!  Even though I had some muscle soreness and it took me a mile to warm up (a very slow just sub-10 minute mile), I got into my stride/groove/happy place and ended up running an 8:10 pace overall.  After spending months running in cold weather gear, it felt like removing a drag suit running in just compression shorts and a light t-shirt.  I didn’t even put my hair in a pony tail, and enjoyed the way it felt “flowing” in the wind as I ran.  I am sure it was one of those “What I think I look like, what I actually look like” posters, but it felt amazing so that’s all that matters! Lol

Like this! Haha

Like this! Haha


5 thoughts on “A sunny 70 degree afternoon? Yes please!

  1. That was a cool post because every runner know’s exactly what it feels like to be excited about an upcoming run, especially when it’s been cold for so long & you get that 1st perfect spring day. It was so nice out today that I had to take off my shirt on my 7m run! ;-)… Glad it worked out for you, but unfortunately, my sweet Hoka Conquests had to go back today. My feet were not happy, so the “lime green” Bondi-3’s will be here Friday, just in time for the R-n-R DC half marathon ;-)….

    Run Wild!

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