Week 14 Training Recap

It’s hard to believe that my marathon is only a month away!  I’d like to say it’s flown by, but with the extended, abnormally snowy and cold winter it’s been quite painful.  I missed a couple runs here and there, but I’m proud of myself for overall sticking to my training plan and logging a lot of miles in the blistering cold (or even worse, on the dreadmill).  Next week is my last week of hard week of training before I begin tapering!  I have a room booked for Danny and me at a cute bed and breakfast for race weekend, and I’m getting so excited!  With this race being on a Saturday, I will have time for a post-race shower and nap, then can enjoy the rest of the weekend exploring the local farmer’s markets and quaint shops in PA Dutch country! 🙂

Oh, and I’ve been reading about the “coveted” road apple award, pretty funny but I’ll be totally o.k. with not getting one! Lol

"Don't step in it"...Great advice that I will try to follow when running Garden Spot! Haha

“Don’t step in it”…Great advice that I will try to follow when running Garden Spot! Haha

I had 12 miles scheduled for today, but I’ve been fighting off a bad cold all week that’s been getting progressively worse.  I hate missing runs, but I know my body will thank me next week for finally giving it a break!  I am hoping to get back to 100%, with 2 or 3 days of rest, so I can finish off that last hard training week strong!  Despite feeling under the weather, I’ve enjoyed my runs this week; especially my two outdoor runs in beautiful Spring weather (We’re getting teased with a day of Spring here and there now!).  The nice weather and running outside has helped me feel more focused in my training, and I felt strong and energetic during my week 14 runs.  🙂

Happy, Sweaty, Post-Run Selfie!

Happy, Sweaty, Post-Run Selfie!

The Run Down:


  • Rest


  • Run 5 miles outside


  • Run 5 miles treadmill


  • Rest


  • Run 5 miles treadmill


  • Run 9.15 miles outside (the .15 is important! Lol)


  • Rest (This sick gal finally surrendered….well, for a day or two!)

Week Miles- 24.15

Total 2014 Miles-332.25

The Take Aways from this weeks training:

  1. Sunshine and spending time outside makes me giddy!  The vitamin D boosts my energy/ mood and makes me want to sing…..

    You make me happy!

    You make me happy!

  2. You will have days that remind you running is fun!  You will also have days when you aren’t feeling it so much, those are the days that you need to remind yourself that running is fun!  Not every run has to be an intense training run, when feeling burned out I like to make up running games.   Fartlek runs are always fun, not to mention funny to say!  One of my favorite running games is “Survival Orienteering”!  I purposely run in a random direction, get lost, then day-dream that I am trying to find my way back to civilization.  Silly? Probably! Haha But…..

    There is so much we can learn from kids!

    There is so much we can learn from kids!

  3. Take a day or two off training when under the weather to let your body recover.  You’ll get back to 100% and end up having more quality training overall.
    Yep...today is a PJs and coffee day for this girl!

    Yep…today is a PJs and coffee day for this girl!

    4. You can accomplish so much more with the support of others than you can accomplish on your own!  My #1 fan is my boyfriend Danny!  He understands, supports, respects, and even loves my passion and drive!  Coincidentally my running has improved by leaps and bounds since we met (I literally PRed at every distance last year!).  I totally love this guy!

    Did I mention that he also makes me laugh?! <3

    Did I mention that he also makes me laugh?! ❤

    How was your training last week?  Who’s your biggest supporter?  


7 thoughts on “Week 14 Training Recap

  1. Awesome post and great to hear about your PRs, also about Danny making you happy. I hope you feel better soon and have a great last week of hard training!! Getting some Vitamin D is ALWAYS good, too! 😉

    • Thanks Kristin! Great job on your half today! You totally kicked butt and I have no doubt that your next 5K will be sub-20! I love this time of year/Spring racing season! 🙂 I can’t wait my first 2014 race under my belt to get rid of some of my jitters! I’m doing a 5K next weekend, then two marathons six weeks apart; with an ultra-relay and mud race (Warrior Dash) in between. I really was trying to do less races this year! Lol I hope I didn’t bite off more than I can chew, and know I will feel so much better after stretching out my racing legs!

      And yes, Danny is the best, I’m very lucky to have met him! 🙂

      • Wow, great races!!! You will definitely rock all of them! I know you will! You seem to have lots of desire and determination when you race! That’s always important! I’m picking out a few 5ks to do over the next few months. It might take me some time to get under 20 but I’m thinking I’ll do it sometime before the end of summer…hopefully and thank you for the encouragement. You rock, too!!!

    • Thank you Emma! I try to give my runs purpose by reflecting before, during, and after each run. That is what helps me stay focused, and what helps me continue to grow as a runner.

      There is so much I can learn from other runners too, so I look forward to checking out your blog! 🙂

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