Race Review-Barlowe Bolt 5K


Look who won her first race! AND got soap on the rope! Haha

This morning I ran my first race of 2014, the Barlowe Bolt 5K in Millersville, MD.  It was a small (Just over 100 runners)/local race, organized by “Friends of Olde Mill as a fundraiser to build a community playground.  My friend is part of the fundraising committee, and lives just a few minutes away from the starting line so we had a little sleep over last night! Lol  I am sooo not a morning person, and I figured this would allow me to sleep in a little bit.  It was also great to spend the evening catching up with friends while listening to Bob Marley records!

Despite the fact that I spent the night literally right around the corner from the starting line, I somehow managed to oversleep.  I woke up my friends 13 year old daughter (Today was her first 5K!), we got dressed as quickly as we could, and were sprinting down the hill as they announced the race was starting in 2 minutes!  So much for the warm-up mile and stretching we had planned! Lol  The awesome volunteers helped us get on our bibs and timing chips “lickity split”, we kept running from the sign in table to the back of the starting coral just as the gun went off.  (I’d like to say this is unusual circumstances for me, but the same thing happened to me last year at the Frederick Half!)

It was a cold morning, but I warmed up quickly (I’m sure the adrenaline of the poorly executed start had something to do with that!)  I weaved in and out of people for the first half mile, then sprinted as fast as I could to try to make up time.  I passed several people, including two females (I targeted them, but boy did they make me work to pass them!).  At one point I saw the lead bike just a couple of blocks ahead of me, then realized I did not see any other women.  I definitely went out too fast; I felt like tossing my cookies was a very real possibility right around the half way point, when a race volunteer yelled out to me that I was the 1st place female.  No way my competitive side was letting me slow down now!  I focused on the kid running ahead of me; (No joke, this boy was like 10 and totally kicking my butt!) and told myself to just breathe, I only had a mile and a half left to go.  I ended up finishing with a time of 23:11 (Chip Time), finishing 1st place overall female (This is the first race I’ve ever placed in, so that was pretty exciting), with a new PR!


Cool Gift Bag for 1st place female.  Runner Fact: Runners LOVE swag!

I mingled for  while, drinking coffee to warm up, and chatting with some of the other runners, local vendors, and race volunteers.  There was plenty of free water, coffee, fresh fruit, and other snacks and lots of cool swag; including doggie biscuits from the great people of Fieldstone Animal Inn.  Not only was this race kid friendly, it was also pet friendly, which scores it major brownie points in my book!

Next they gave out awards.  Not only did they have prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place male/female, they also gave certificates to the top three for every division and dog tags to all of the kids.  Overall I give this race high marks; it was well organized, the race volunteers were so friendly, and there was such a personal feel.  This was only the second Barlowe Bolt 5K, and hopefully participation will continue to increase as word gets out about what a great race this is!  🙂

After all of the festivities wrapped up, we went back to my friends house, where her husband was cooking us a big waffle and bacon breakfast!  That officially tipped the scales, making today the perfect day!  The food was delicious!  I smoothered my waffles with cool whip and maple syrup!  ❤  The baby (2 y/o) climbed onto the table and dunked her entire waffle into the container of cool whip; I’d like to think she was just following my awesome example on how food is to be enjoyed! 🙂  All and all, a wonderful day!


Maple syrupy, cool whippy, waffley goodness!!!

Of course, no race would ever be complete without a “Mini-me + Me” selfie!


The love of my life and center of my universe, Miss Ilana!

If you are interested in information for next years Barlowe Bolt 5K (there are lots of fantastic early bird specials), or would like information on how you can support a great local cause, check out http://www.friendsofoldemill.org.

Here’s another great review from 3rd place overall finisher today/fellow blogger (Not that I’m cyber-stalking him or anything! 😉 ):


It’s that time of year again!  Did you do any good races this weekend?  What races do you have coming up?


15 thoughts on “Race Review-Barlowe Bolt 5K

    • Thank you! It’s been a long time since I raced anything shorter than a 10 miler, so the pacing was definitely tricky for me! It was a great race for a great cause though! And I got to hang out with some of my favorite people! 🙂

  1. Yay way to win it girl!! I’ve won my age group a few times and my Dad always likes to remind me that when I do there’s generally no one else (or very few) ppl in that group haha. So good on ya no matter ow small the race was!!

    • Haha! Thanks! I have the mindset as you, no reason not to be happy about your successes no matter how big or small (I think there were 30 something females running today)! I would have been just as ecstatic to win a race with one other runner (or none, because ultimately every runner is racing themselves for a new personal best)! And the soap on the rope totally made my day, totally fitting for my quirky sense of humor! 🙂

  2. Awesome job yesterday. 3rd place did not get soap on a rope (jealous). Love your blog and I look forward to reading more of your work. I don’t think it is considered stalking if we are following each others blogs. Unless mutual stalking is a “thing”. Anyway, congrats and see you soon.

    • Thank you! You did an awesome job too! Sorry to hear you didn’t get soap on the rope though, it wasn’t my intent to make other runners jealous! 😉 I definitely am glad I stumbled across your page, I run a lot of local races and it’s nice to see reviews when deciding which ones to sign up for! 🙂

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