Liebster Award


I was totally the little girl who got excited by gold stars on my school work, so today is my lucky day!  (I guess technically yesterday was, but I have an issue with procrastination!)  I was nominated for the Liebster award by a very close friend, and fellow blogger, who goes by the online moniker “Living not wanting” (!  I am incredibly flattered and happy to have this opportunity to answer some very thought provoking questions, and to pay it forward to some of the most awesome bloggers I know!  I’ve only been blogging for a few short months, but have found plenty of people, with interesting thoughts and hilarious stories, that I enjoy following (I wish I could think of a less creepy way to phrase that…). Thank you lady for the award, and for being such a great friend!  I can be a tough cookie to break, but your quirky sense of humor and unconditional acceptance has allowed me to come out of my shell!  (Not sure if the cookie and shell analogy work together, but you totally get my point!)  You have such an incredible perspective on life and know how to get me out of my comfort zone! (There is not another human being on earth who could ever get me to do crafts!)  I’m glad that you’ve decided to join the blogging community, to share some of your wisdom and inner peace with others! Because….“You’re pretty radish!”


So what is the Liebster award you may ask?  (I know I did!)  It’s a very simple and generous  pay it forward concept; it’s a way to recognize some of the newbie bloggers you personally love, so others can find them and love them too!  It also gives you the chance to let people who have virtually shared a part of their lives with you (and other total strangers) know that what they write about inspires you in some way and that you think they are super cool!   (Sometimes I’m not good with those “fancy” words!)

There are several variations of these rules but I am following the rules that were given to me.  Mostly because I am easily confused and lack the motivation to do research this late on a Tuesday night! 😉  Here are the rules for those who chose to accept my Liebster award (All though I will not be insulted in any shape or form if you do not, I’m just happy to let you know I think you are pretty radish too!):

•Thank the rockin’ blogger that nominated you
•Answer the 11 questions you were given
•Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 500 followers
•Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer
•Tag your nominees and post a comment in their blog so they know they’ve been nominated

Here are my answers to the questions that were given to me (Cue drum roll please!):


1. If money was not an obstacle, you could not get in trouble and there was nothing getting in the way… what would you do this weekend? I would go to Tanzania, to climb Mountain Kilimanjaro and go on a safari.  This has been on my bucket list for 10 years!  

2. If you could start a charity what would it be? I would start a mentorship program for young girls, that helped build self-esteem and confidence in STEM subjects, and prepared them for future education and careers in technology.  As a woman who works in the Engineering/IT field, I so dislike the continued perpetuation of the myth that “girls aren’t good at math”.  I would like to see more young women believing in themselves and being encouraged to go into STEM career fields.  FYI…programs like this already exist, I just want more of them!

3. What is your dream job? This makes me think of a conversation I once had, “I’ll be happy when….”!  I love my job now MOST days.  If I could have a second career, I’d like to be a therapist/psychologist, to help people work through their problems to live happier lives (Hopefully…What can I say, I’m still an idealist after 33 years of life!).  I think sometimes people just need someone to listen, to help them understand that they aren’t any weirder than everyone else and they are not alone.

4. How do you relax? I have a hard time with the whole “relaxing” thing, I hate to hold still! When I do want to relax, I like to go for a run and/or spend time outdoors enjoying nature! 

5. What inspired you to start blogging? When I realized I was starting to annoy my friends and family by going on and on and on….about running.  It would take me too many words to explain it here, but I just love running and wanted a constructive outlet for that enthusiasm.  While many people roll their eyes at me when I am going, “Blah, blah, blah….running is so fun!”, I had just as many people telling me I inspired them to start running or to try something else active and healthy for them. (That makes me feel so good!)  So I figured why not blog?  Those who are inspired can read, and those who are annoyed can be spared! At the end of the day; I blog to write about something I care about, to document happy memories, to track my progress, and to motivate/hold myself accountable for my training.  (Ummm….yeah, so basically I just admitted that I started blogging because my friends won’t listen to me anymore! Lol)

6. What is your favorite cookie? Homemade, super chewy/gooey chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies.  Any cookie that combines chocolate and peanut butter? Instant heaven!

7. Besides writing, what is your favorite creative outlet? This is a tough one, because I don’t view myself as being very creative.  I’d say cooking!  (I think that counts!)  I like to try new recipes and find ways to whip up a tasty meal out of what odds and ends I have in my kitchen, or find a way to incorporate an obscure ingredient into something edible.  And when I’m done, I can EAT my masterpiece so I actually feel like I got something out of it! (Because hello! I can’t eat a craft!) I LOVE to eat, that is part of the reason I started running in the first place!

8. What area of your home needs the most decluttering? You mean besides my brain? 😉 Definitely my bedroom, I hate putting away laundry, for whatever reason (Freud doesn’t have an answer for this one), and have had a two basket rotation going for something like 20 years now….and sometimes (and by sometimes I really mean a lot of the time) those baskets overflow and become my two giant/heaping clothes mountain rotation!

9. Would you rather run 100 miles, canoe 100 miles or ride a bike for a hundred miles? Hello! Running Betty here! 😉 I’d rather run 100 miles, hands down, no contest!  I’m an uncoordinated mess on a bike, and while I’ve never actually attempted to canoe, I’m sure it would be pretty much the same! 

10. If you could impact the world in one way what would it be? By overcoming my own fears/insecurities/hang ups and putting off positive energy to those around me.  As off the wall as it may sound, I am a true believer in “life energy” and I think putting out positive energy=getting positive energy back, and that positive (or negative) energy creates a ripple effect.  And if nothing else, I want to know that I make those around me happier…or at the very least, do not inflict pain. 

11. What is stopping you from question 10? I resisted my urge not to give a “safe” answer, the kind of answer I would have given out of fear of judgment.  I think we all too often we hide behind masks and illusions of perfection, which ultimately cause us to feel isolated and alone. 



The 11 blogs I chose for this award (Which was hard, because I follow way more than 11 phenomenal bloggers!), in no particular order, are:












The questions I pose for the 11 of you (Should you chose to pay this forward):

  1. What inspired you to start blogging (Had to start with the obvious one)?
  2. Which of Snow White’s dwarfs describes you best, and why? (Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey)
  3. If you could eat only one food, 3 meals a day for one straight year (With no affect on health), what would it be?
  4. What were your best/worst subjects in school and what would you like to learn now? 
  5. If you ran away to join the circus, what act would you want to perform?
  6. Would you rather wrestle a lion or fight a shark?
  7. If someone had a booger hanging out of their nose, would you tell them?
  8. If you could speak any foreign language (that you don’t already know), what would it be?
  9. If you had to pick a theme song for your life (and it would play in the background everywhere you went), what would it be?
  10.  What famous person do other people say you most resemble?
  11. What is the one thing in life you are the most passionate about? 



15 thoughts on “Liebster Award

    • Lol! Yeah, we may be the only one’s that get that! Maybe that can be our BFF tattoos! It will be perfect for when ever we get around to opening our Tattooed Broads Business! We can sale sweaty arm-pit t-shirt rugs and rainbow loom bracelets! Haha

    • Thank you, that is very kind of you! And I agree with you, it is a great way to recognize others and their fantastic blogs! It’s a great way to get to know more about people too, which is why paying it forward is even more fun…I’d love to see some of the answers to my questions. 🙂

  1. Wow, thank you! I really enjoy following your blog and will get on those questions pronto! (but will follow your lead and take a little procrastination time if that’s okay…)

  2. You are the best and you made my morning! Thank you so much for this lovely award and it was very well deserved for YOU! Your blog is awesome and I very much enjoyed learning a little more about you. We have some stuff in common, such as our dislike of putting away laundry and the reason we started blogging. 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliment! You definitely deserve it, your blog is so much fun to read and ALWAYS makes me laugh/smile! Putting away laundry is the worst! All though I’m pretty terrible about chores in general, because you always have to keep redoing them and that is so frustrating! Haha

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