Have a foot fetish? Don’t date a runner!

It’s hump day and I feel like talking about something totally random!  I have some ugly, busted up feet!  Years of long distance running (and 4 years of wearing combat boots) have taken a toll on my soles! Hmmm….I guess that was pretty corny. Hahaha, I could go on forever with terrible puns, but instead I’m going to try to get to the point. (Wait…what was my point again….Oh yeah!)   I KNOW I’m not the only runner who suffers from foot woes!  From blisters and calluses to bruised and missing toes nails,various feet problems are an embarrassing topic most runners don’t like to bring up.  Soooo I’ll show you mind if you show me yours! 😉

Here is why I could never date a man who has a thing for feet:

  • My feet are ugly!  (I did mention that, right?) I don’t even remember the last time I had all 10 toe nails, and my running calluses require the pedicurist to pull out that thing that looks like a cheese grater! (Warning: The below image is intended for children or the faint of heart!)
The horror!!!

The horror!!!

  • Sore feet/calves and obsession with keeping my feet/knees/legs healthy (well relatively), means no sexy stilettos for me! I have to wear comfortable shoes! (These are literally the only two pairs of shoes I wear when I’m not running!)
I'm too sexy for my shoes!

I’m too sexy for my shoes!

  • Not that I hate shoe shopping….Well, shopping for running shoes any way!
Ahhhhh! Glor-i-ous!!

Ahhhhh! Glor-i-ous!!

  • When my plantar fasciitis is acting up, I wear a night splint to bed!  (Unfortunately, I don’t make it look ANYWHERE near as hot as this chick does!)
Work it girl!

Work it girl!


So yep….unfortunately feet issues are fairly common among runners.  There are a few things that I try to do to keep my feet in tip top shape…well relatively good shape….definitely not foot fetish worthy!  I wear my running shoes 1/2 a size bigger than my normal shoes, keep toe nails trimmed, change into flip flops immediately after my run (love my Sanuks!!), use body glide on my feet (to prevent blisters) on long runs or runs in the rain, and indulge in occasional spa pedicures (The cheese grater cost extra!).  I definitely need to invest in better running socks, and I am on the search for some that I like.  It took me almost 2 months to decide on running shoes, so we’ll see how long this takes! Haha  And I am loooonggg overdue for a pedicure, so maybe I’ll add that to my “To do” list for after my marathon! 🙂


I want to hear from some other runners!  What are some of your foot issues?  And what do you do to keep your feet more sandal worthy (With summer around the corner a girl has to consider these things!!)?  What are your favorite running socks?

Happy Hump Day everyone!!











7 thoughts on “Have a foot fetish? Don’t date a runner!

    • Lol – yeah I’m a big mess! I’ve had people tell me I’m doing something wrong or else I wouldn’t be losing toenails but it doesn’t seem to matter WHAT I do! So I’ve pretty much come to the same conclusion as you…seems to go with the sport!

  1. Oh my gosh I could not possibly agree with this more. I keep my toes painted purple most of the time and not just because I’m a Ravens fan. That way if it chips you can’t tell which ones are the busted ones. I also only wear comfy shoes when I’m not in my running shoes. I went out in a pair of platformy sandals last weekend and it was SO AWKWARD.

    I always tip my pedicurists really well too. 🙂

    • Lol! I love it! I alternate between purple and blue toe nail polish! And have discovered they can make a pretty convincing fake toe nail with gel polish! And gotta tip extra for pedicure with feet like mine! I also apologize and feel need to explain! “Uh…umm…I’m a runner…”

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