No use in crying over spilled milk!

(Or a flooded basement…..)

Since I bought my first home two and a half year ago, I’ve gotten many hard knock life lessons on the joys responsibilities of home ownership.  I was so excited after my closing; I felt so accomplished and grown up and had many grandiose visions of how I was going to restore my 1970 split level country home (This is what happens when you watch too many episodes of “Rehab Addict” on HGTV).  I painted every room in my house a different “BAM! In your face” vibrant color (The inside of my house looks like a bag of skittles! Haha), had the amazing oak hardwood floors professionally restored, and had plush carpet installed in my basement.  It wasn’t too long after moving in that I discovered the home was riddled with problems from many years of being shown no love, and the maintenance/repairs started to add up.  I’d like to say I handled it all with the dignity and grace you’d expect out of a mature, home owning, ADULT but….I had some major, toddler-like, full on melt-down temper tantrums.  I mean seriously…like crying, flailing around, screaming obscenities and melodramatic statements like, “Whhhyyyy meee!! I don’t want to pay $XXXX.00 for a new well and water treatment system!!! I want new shoes!!! I want to go on a vacation!!!!!!! Wahhhhhh…..Wahhhhhhh….wahhh..ah?”  Then when I decided to calm down and regain some of my dignity, guess what? I still had to deal with the situation.  Only now I was tired from throwing a pointless fit and had ugly mascara cry face! And I’d think, “Well that was stupid….”


I’ve gotten a LITTLE bit better with dealing with the normal stresses of life.  When I came home from work last night to find that heavy rain + a malfunctioned sump pump=3 inches of water through out my ENTIRE basement, I was surprisingly calm.  My room mate got the pump working again and it started to drain some of the water in the laundry room.  Upon careful inspection I realized all of the carpet/padding/baseboards/dry wall is going to have to be dried out to prevent mold and then be repaired/replaced.  So I took the day off work and am sitting here waiting on the “water mitigation team” to come tear up carpet, blow giant industrial fans on stuff, and do other water mitigationy things. Luckily it sounds like between my home owners insurance and home warranty everything will be covered.  I am choosing, because how I react to things is ALWAYS my choice, to not have a melt down over this one because it would be the equivalent of “crying over spilled milk”.


Nope! Not me!!! 😉

I have been doing some reading and having some deep conversations with one of my best friends, about life, happiness, and inner peace.  How people’s happiness or misery is based on their perspective, and what they choose to focus on in their lives.  Changing your perspective, blocking out negative thoughts, and redirecting your attention from the negative to the positive is an active process.  It takes a lot of practice and hard work, and (until you reach enlightenment) it is unlikely you will be successful 100% of the time.  However, today I am choosing to exercise my inner “Zen spirit” 😉 by listing my blessings and all of the positive aspects of home ownership:

  1. I am blessed to have a roof over my head.  There are millions of homeless people in the world that are not as lucky.
  2. Owning a home is financially benefiting me by A) Giving me a valuable long term investment and B) Saving me money on taxes.
  3. The feeling of satisfaction I get when looking around and seeing how all of my hard work is (slowly) paying off.
  4. The house is my own and I have the freedom to do what ever I want; like the crazy colored paint, a bright red coach, and my retro pin-up girl paintings.
  5. I have a big, tree filled yard, with a kick ass fire pit for bon-fires and roasting marshmallows.
  6. I love lounging on my screened in patio in the summer with a good book and a refreshing drink.  It is so relaxing listening to the birds chirp and watching the squirrels chase each other around the yard.
  7. I live in an awesome area.  My neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, and I’m surrounded by horses, alpaca farms, and nurseries; yet only 20 minutes from downtown Annapolis and 30 minutes from downtown D.C.
  8. Miles of cool/scenic running routes and quick access to the B&A trail!
  9. Cooking in my obnoxiously retro (on purpose) kitchen, with lime green walls and oak veneered cabinets, in my matching apron STILL makes me smile.  🙂
  10. All of the great memories inside this home; including baking cookies and snuggling up to watch movies with Ilana and spending late nights talking (with Danny or a girlfriend) over a bottle of wine.


Not to mention……It’s Friday, the start to another weekend! Today is also my Danny’s birthday, and we have a nice dinner with his mother planned for tonight.  I really am one lucky girl! 🙂 I hope everyone has a great weekend!

What do you love about your home?




24 thoughts on “No use in crying over spilled milk!

    • Sorry to hear about your flooded basement, I hope you were able to get it taken care of without too much of a headache! Also, thank you for being so supportive as always! And yes, I’m very lucky the insurance will cover it (minus a deductible of course). It is an inconvenience but definitely not the end of the world! 😉

  1. We definitely have this in common! I’m a big stingy baby about spending any money on my house – I’d much rather spend it on me, me, me! LOL

  2. Nice attitude! I know how frustrating ‘surprise projects’ around the house can be. I like when we first moved in that I was hanging a photo and instinctively was worried that the hammering would disturb our neighbors…but then I remembered that we were no longer in an apartment!

    • Oh yes! I lived in apartments and town homes before buying my house! It is nice not having to worry about bothering the neighbors when doing things like playing the music a little loud! 🙂

    • Thanks for the support! Have giant fans running now – water mitigation company said it could have been a lot worse! Other than that it’s been a great weekend so I’m feeling g great! 🙂

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