A day full of sunshine!

First off, the Boston Marathon today was such an inspiration! Watching the runners today show the world “Boston Strong” by “taking back the finish” was such an emotional experience.  (I can’t even imagine what it was like to be there!) How cool is it that Meb won today, with an unbelievable finishing time of 2:08:37! The first American to win the Boston Marathon in over 30 years! (I was jumping up and down and literally in tears) Then Rita, the winning woman, set a new course record of 2:18:57! The runners in this years race were stronger than ever!  Congratulations to all of the athletes who competed in today’s race, including one of Danny’s friend’s, Maggie Smith, who ran a rock solid race at 3:13:04!  For me, who has been dreaming for years of one day qualifying to run this race, I’m star struck by all of today’s runners!


I LOVE this picture!!

On top of getting to watch the Boston Marathon today, I got to enjoy a beautiful day off school/work with Ilana.  We took a nice nature walk at Davidsonville Park, near my house.  We had a great time soaking up the sun, chasing butterflies, exploring, searching for turtles, and making wishes on dandelions!  What a great way to spend the last day of Passover/Spring break! 🙂


To top of the sunshine for the day; I was nominated by both Charlotte and Rob for a Sunshine Award! Awww! You two made my day….

A big thank you to Charlotte at http://runcharlotte.wordpress.com/, and Rob at http://weight2lose2013.wordpress.com/, for the “Sunshine” award nominations! Both of you bring a bit of sunshine into my day with your uplifting humor and fitness inspiration! I think these awards are fun because they allow bloggers to share a little bit about themselves and also are a great way to make blogger introductions!  They both did this a little bit different (which makes it that much more fun!), so I’ll share 10 random facts about me for Charlotte and answer Rob’s 10 random questions!

Random Facts for Charlotte:

  1. I lived Virginia, Texas, England, Italy, Maryland, and Utah all before graduating high school.
  2. I have 3 brothers, 1 sister, 2 step-brothers, and 3 step-sisters (+8 sibling in-laws!!)
  3. I was a competitive swimmer in high school; my strongest events were back and free.
  4. The cello is my favorite instrument; I played it for 8 years and wish I still knew how to play!
  5. I was active duty Air Force (Communications) for 4 years.
  6. I got my undergraduate degree in Psychology.
  7. Yet oddly enough, I work in the IT field.  I love being a networking and firewall geek!
  8. I went back to school and finished my Masters in IT just last summer!
  9. I am possibly the most stubborn person on earth.  (My best and worst trait!!)
  10. I love the mountains; rock climbing and hiking are my two favorite activities (after running).

Rob’s Questions:

1. Why did you start your blog? I started my blog as an outlet for my random thoughts and musings about my addiction to running and anything else that happens to cross my mind.  It also is a way for me to track my training and progress to keep myself motivated.  And I want to share with others how much fun running can be, and show people that it is something every day Joes (or Bettys like me!) can incorporate into their lives!  If I can inspire even one person on their journey to a more active lifestyle in the process, I’d see that as a major added bonus! 

2. What is your favorite movie – ever? I’m not a serious movie buff but I LOVE ridiculous comedies like Will Farrell and Ben Stiller moves.  I think it’s a tie between Austin Powers and There’s Something About Mary.  They both made me laugh so hard I cried the first time I saw them. 

3. Do you get tired of bloggin? No, because blogging is something I do for myself and when I don’t feel like blogging, I don’t.  Sometimes I wish I had more time to invest into my posts so I could get more write about all of the craziness that goes through my head and create more “A quality” blogs.

4. Where do you want your blog to take you to? I just started blogging last fall; I’m happy with the connections I’ve made and the things I’ve learned from other bloggers.  If my blog never goes any further than that, I’d be more than satisfied! My ultimate dream is to bridge my blog into a part-time gig as a professional running coach. 

5. What type of blogs do you find interesting? A majority of the blogs I follow are other running blogs; I love seeing how much fun other runners are having and I try to absorb their knowledge and experience.  I also enjoy blogs about spirituality and minimalism, as well as comedy blogs (Because who doesn’t need a good laugh!)

6. What is your favorite song TODAY? Two Cellos cover of Thunderstruck, because as a former cello player and lover of rock and roll it is one of the COOLEST things I’ve ever seen!!

7. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Anywhere steamy, hot, and exotic preferably within walking distance of a beach! Maybe Brazil or Costa Rica? Haha

8. What is your favorite creative outlet? Cooking, I like to experiment with different recipes and rarely try the same recipe twice (Which is unfortunate for those who eat my cooking because I have very few “signature dishes” and my food is a disaster 50% of the time! Lol)!  I went through a phase with Bento Boxes, those are really fun to make! 

9. Least favorite part of your day? Mornings….No matter how early I go to bed or how many times I get up before sunrise for a run, it NEVER gets easy for me!  My brain refuses to function fully until after 9 am and 4 cups of strong coffee! 

10. What is your favorite article of clothing? My black Prana yoga pants! They are sooo comfortable and yoga pants make EVERY woman’s butt look amazing! 😉  And my baby blue Sanuk flip flops, I live in them when I’m not running! 


I’d like to send some Sunshine to the following bloggers (In no particular order) that brighten my mood daily with their posts!


If you choose to participate, create a post with 10 random and interesting facts about yourself, then pass some sunshine along to some of your favorite bloggers! If not, just know….


And thank you for brightening my days with your wonderful blogs! 🙂  


17 thoughts on “A day full of sunshine!

  1. That cello video is awesome! Your little girl is a doll. You played the cello? How cool! Today was a very good day. Nothing but smiles all day looking at the Boston Marathon pictures. I shed a few tears. What a great picture of Meb! ….a good day 🙂

    • Thank you, I think she’s a doll too! I used to play cello, I haven’t since high school all though I’ve been seriously considering taking it back up! And today was a great day for Boston and the running community! 🙂

  2. What the whaaaat?!?! You rock! Thanks so much! I’m not exactly sure how these blogger award things work, but I’m honored! I really enjoy your blog as well. And how amazing was the Boston Marathon. I may have needed a tissue or two while watching it (don’t take that dirty).

    • Yes, the marathon was AWESOME! And so inspiring, I ran my fastest 5 miler in months today. I wonder how many other runners got great Boston Inspired runs in!!

      And I wouldn’t judge on the tissues either way! Runner chicks are hot! Not that I’m biased or anything! 😉 Thank you for clearing that up though! Haha

    • I love how the Boston Marathon inspired sooo many runners! It truly was incredible! Which marathon are you running again? I am still trying to choose my fall marathon, the St George Marathon near you looks sooo amazing! Not in my budget this year though! Best of luck getting ramped up for your training!

      • Thanks! I’m running the Twin Cities Marathon in October, it’s in Minneapolis and my brother lives there. I’ve heard great things about the St. George marathon, if I “enjoy” Twin Cities, I might have to run that one next year 🙂

    • Hehe-actually I DOO!! Ever since I ran the Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon my first time! Every year there is a spectator in a Tiger suit, standing on top of a “creepy” brown van, blasting the Rocky theme out of a giant speaker in the back! I reflexively start air punching as I run up that hill! 🙂 It’s one of my favorite things about that race!!

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