Peanut butter Easter eggs for speedy marathon recovery

Happy Easter and Passover everyone!  My first week of marathon recovery has been a little bit different this time around with my next marathon, the North Face Trail Challenge, being just five weeks away.  This is my first time doing back to back marathons, with a recovery/build up plan.  I’m following tips and loosely building my training schedule based on Hal Higdon’s “Multiple Marathon Plan”:

Luckily my legs seemed to have rebounded quickly and this week went well.  I have no scientific evidence supporting this, but I’m fairly certain the crazy amounts of Easter chocolate I’ve been eating has contributed to my speedy recovery!  😉  Reece’s peanut butter eggs are my favorite!

Nom Nom!!

Nom Nom!!

I had the “post marathon” limp going the day after my race, and my busy day of work Monday with lots of walking and stairs was less than fun; but by Tuesday my legs felt like they were back to normal.  I put on my running clothes after work Tuesday, and nervously prepared for an easy “two mile” shake out run on my treadmill.  Typically my legs feel like the legs of a shaky and unstable new born baby horse on that first run after a tough race. I was surprised that after a half mile warm-up I was able to easily pick-up an 8:30 pace on the treadmill.  🙂

Apprehensive before my first post-marathon run

Apprehensive before my first post-marathon run

I felt a lot more confident after that first 2 mile run, and continued to build up mileage throughout the week.  I did notice my body demanded extra sleep and food, but I had no problem finding time to nap and eat yummy Easter Candy!!  I also had to back off my pace quite a bit, to cover higher miles to build up for my next race while still giving my legs rest from the last race.  It’s definitely been a tricky balance!  I was so excited to have perfect running weather and company for my weekend runs! Danny ran with me on the C&O Canal on Saturday and I met an old running buddy, Don for a longer run this morning.

This Weeks Run Down:

  • Monday- Rest
  • Tuesday- 2 miles treadmill
  • Wednesday- 4 miles (Outside near work)
  • Thursday- 6 miles treadmill
  • Friday- Rest
  • Saturday- 6 miles C&O canal trail run with Danny
  • Sunday- 10.5 miles B&A trail run with Don

Total Weekly Miles: 28.5

Total 2014 Miles: 493.4

It was a great week with perfect weather, fun runs,  Danny’s birthday (he loved his present and we had a great dinner at Bonefish Grill), Easter candy, and on a totally random note….Ilana pranked her dad this week and showed she has inherited my slightly warped sense of humor.  She spent the week with her family in South Carolina and late Monday night he received a text message from her that said, “Hi Daddy” and had this picture:

Creepy Monster Lana

Creepy Monster Lana

Her dad said it “scared the crap out of him!” Bwahahahaha! Well played my rad daughter, well played!! 😉

Lastly, I want to thank Charolette, from I Run in the Rain, and Rob, from Weight Loss 2013, for nominating me for the sunshine award! It’s been a busy week, but I plan on answering their creative questions and doing my “sunshine” post tomorrow.  🙂  They both are awesome and uplifting bloggers, totally worth checking out while I procrastinate! 😉

What did everyone do for their Passover and Easter holidays? Did anyone else eat waaaayyyy too much Easter Candy? Haha




19 thoughts on “Peanut butter Easter eggs for speedy marathon recovery

    • Mmm beer! I drank a lot of red wine over the weekend too! I think it’s OK to splurge a bit for the holidays! I’m happy you’re happy!
      And we should definitely do skyline! Dan and I talked about doing that the last 2 years for fall leave change and kept getting too busy and would forget. :-p

  1. I think reese peanut butter eggs are a great recovery food! You are a busy runner and I would imagine you can eat any food you want with your schedule! ~Happy Running~

    • Thanks! And I can’t quite eat whatever I want…I try to eat healthy as much as possible. But it’s definitely nice how running allows me not to obsess about counting calories! Happy running to you too! 🙂

    • Protein! I love it! I’ll go with that! ;-)Chocolate/peanut butter is my favorite splurge but I definitely went a little overboard on Easter! So I don’t have any candy left! Haha

  2. I followed Hal Higdon for my Dopey Challenge training. I trust him. And yes, they say chocolate milk is good to drink after a run, so I’m assuming the chocolate easter treats are ok?

    • Thanks! I started keeping track of my miles as a 2013 resolution, a weak resolution because I had no measurable goal other than to write down what I did. It was amazing how motivating that was for me! So I kept it up this year!

      The Easter candy was so good! I had to avoid the temptation to buy a whole cart full at the grocery store yesterday when I saw it on sale for 50% off! Haha I have the tendency to go overboard in many areas of my life! 😉

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