Another TRT! Last years AOR Team! :-)

I’m so excited for another American Odyssey Relay; the race starts TOMORROW!!!  We will be running 200+ miles, starting in Gettysburg PA and finishing in the National Harbor! Last year’s team name was “Creepy Van Running Club”, not politically correct at all, but I promise we only offered candy to runners 18 and older!  We had such a blast, a few of the runners from last year are back for more, as part of team “Van on the Run”, a tribute to The Beatles (One of the GREATEST bands EVER!!)!

EPIC photos from last years race 🙂 :


The Creepy Van! The shocked looks we got driving through some small towns were pretty funny!


Van 1 Runners at the pre-race meetup, ready for trouble!!


Theresa and I, finishing Sandy’s leg with her; we decided neither PJ bottoms nor flip flops were ideal running attire! 😉


CVRC crossing the Mason/Dixon line!


After my last leg of the race…because running a toe path in a petty coat and rainbow socks totally makes sense!


Near the Billy Goat Trail. These are the kind of views that make these “ultra” relays so incredible! 

Who else loves relay races?!?!  What is the coolest relay you’ve ever ran?

(I sooo want to check out the Key West Ragnar one year……!!)



24 thoughts on “Another TRT! Last years AOR Team! :-)

  1. Have a great relay race! I’ve never done one, but I know people who have run in relays and it looks so fun! Luckily, I’m doing my first relay this summer, Hood to Coast 🙂

    • They are definitely a lot of fun! More like a road trip/camping trip than an actual race! The Hood to Coast sounds like a blast! I’m sure you’ll end up getting hooked too! 😉

  2. What a neat race! I went to Gettysburg College, so this race seems even cooler because of it’s start 😉 I’ve never done a relay race, but your post makes me want to participate in one for sure!

    • How cool! I’d never been to to Gettysburg before this race last year, it was beautiful! I loved all of the Polish pottery and antique shops! I’d definitely check out the Ragnar Relay series! They have races everywhere and they are so much fun!

      • So awesome!!! Thanks again for opening my eyes to this new kind of race. I love the team camaraderie too!

        And I’m so glad you liked the ‘Burg 🙂 I’m biased, but I love the rolling hills (aka battlefields), the old barns and the charm of the town!

  3. Ooooh, that looks like fun! I’ve never done a relay before. My sis just did the Rangar in Atlanta. She lives in Orlando and is always going to Key West. I also have some really good runner friends who just got married in Key West, I’m sure they’d want to go back for a race! Maybe we can get a team together!

    • Thank you! It’s a long way, but divided up over 3 legs between 12 runners it’s not too bad! And it’s so cool getting to the finish line thinking, “Wow! WE just ran from PA to DC!!” 🙂

  4. OMG! Last year looked like soo much fun! I have never done a relay but they have a Ragnar Relay pretty close to here… My friend keeps asking me to put a team together, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.. HOWEVER, this might have been just what I needed to motivate me to get my butt in gear…Have fun this weekend!!!!!

    • They are a lot of fun but definitely a lot of work to organize! Luckily I have plenty of type A friend’s with great oeganizational skills that handle all of that stuff 😉 have a great weekend!!

    • Thank you! I’m addicted to these relay races, between AOR and Ragnar, I’ve done 6 now. It’s definitely not a “normal” race and I like the hippie/adventure vibe! 🙂

    • Haha, I can’t take credit for the team name, but I did think it was funny! We seriously got big bags of candy, and offered it to runners from other teams along the course! Lol

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