A week derailed, ready to get back on track!

For whatever reason, I just couldn’t find my training “MoJo” this week! Maybe it was the INSANE rain, the extra hours at work, the moody blues…who knows, my focus was totally derailed and I just wasn’t feeling the whole “exercise” thing.  This ended up being my lowest mileage week this year, but I am happy I at least managed to squeeze in a few runs this week and a little bit of ab work.  This pretty much sums up how I felt this week:

Oh, you mean I should actually run while wearing my running shoes? ;-)

Oh, you mean I should actually run while wearing my running shoes? 😉



Not that I’m beating myself up (too much), we all have weeks like this, and I know it means I’ll train that much harder this week!

Weekly “Run Down”:

  • Tuesday- Run 5 miles (Tempo Run) on treadmill + 15 Minute Ab Ripper X work-out
  • Friday-Run 6 miles (Easy) on treadmill
  • Sunday-Run 8.26 miles (Hills) outside in Frederick

Total Weekly Miles: 19.26

Total 2014 Miles:  546.58


Soooo what did I do with the time I normally would have spent running? Not all of it was unproductive, I actually enjoyed being a slacker this week!

1. Made up hours and work and caught up on projects.  This one is lame, which is why I’m getting it out of the way first! Haha

Yeah, sometimes it's like this!

Yeah, sometimes it’s like this!

2. Waited out the flash floods on Wednesday while enjoying dinner and a couple of beers at Ram’s Head with a co-worker.  I ordered the Mediterranean Quinoa with grilled chicken and Copperhead Ale! It was a refreshing and DELICIOUS pairing! ( Not that I’m a sophisticated foodie!)

Quinoa is packed with protein and good for you! (Maybe not as healthy with beer! Lol)

Quinoa is packed with protein and good for you! (Maybe not as healthy with beer! Lol)

3. Took lots and lots of Looooong, lazy naps! I rarely go out on a “school night” for good reason, it TOTALLY wipes me out! 😉


4. Volunteered for “Field Day” at my daughter’s school.  It was awesome getting to see her in the middle of the school day, especially since she’s still at the age that seeing me in the middle of the school day is “cool”.  I got assigned to the “Hoppity Hop” station.  In case you’re like me, and are wondering what the heck a hoppity hop is, here ya go….

Pretty much the most adorable thing ever watching kids grades K-2 racing on these! :-)

Pretty much the most adorable thing ever watching kids grades K-2 racing on these! 🙂

5. Figured since I was slacking off on my work-outs, I might as well blow my diet too! Sound logic right? All or nothing baby! 😉 I did Fro-Yo with Lana after field day (Mine was a full POUND with toppings!), then ate pizza, cheese burgers, and S’mores over the rest of the weekend.  No point in feeling bad about it now! It was ALL delicious (and DETOX for me next week!)…

eat all the food

6. Enjoyed good company and good wine around a bon-fire! Spent Saturday night visiting with friends and enjoyed some of their home made wine with S’mores while sitting around the fire.  Ilana had a great time too, driving a go-cart around the yard with our friends son.  They were covered from head to toe with dirt and mud! (As kids SHOULD be!!)  If you haven’t figured it out by now….Friends+Wine+Fire=My PERFECT evening! 🙂

My version of heaven!

My version of heaven!

Do you ever have total “fall off the running band wagon” weeks like this? Do you feel guilty or enjoy it?  What do you do to get yourself back on track?







14 thoughts on “A week derailed, ready to get back on track!

  1. I think it looks like you had a great week! lol We all need those sometimes. I always feel so guilty for doing it that I wonder if it’s worth it….but I need to lighten up! You did it, get past it and get back on track, young lady! 🙂

    • Haha – thanks for the encouragement and the little nudge! Sometimes I need it! Work can get stressful at times and zap my energy; but I have to remind myself that running helps me keep my energy up to make it through the every day grind! 🙂 and I never regret a run after I’m done! 😉

  2. Haha “eat all the food” I feel like that too when I’m in a running rut. Since my half I haven’t felt motivated to run at all and my diet has slightly suffered for it too….back on track tomorrow right? 😉

    • I find it a lot harder to stay focused when not training for a specific race. I think a little slacking is acceptable! 😉 Mondays are always my rest day but plan to start fresh tomorrow with speed work! 🙂

  3. I usually feel guilty when I fall off the running band wagon, but most of the time it’s just what I need to get motivated again. I also will eat all the food from time to time, I think it’s good to indulge sometimes! And for getting off the running band wagon, you sure did run a lot!

    • Eaxactly! Sometimes slacking ends up being a good thing because I come back stronger the next week – versus forcing myself to suffer through countless half effort workouts! And I agree indulging from time to time isn’t a bad thing! I’m always 80/20 good/bad with my diet…my love of food is a big part of my motivation to run in the 1st place! 😉

  4. Hey, you still got some decent mileage in there. I used to hate taking time off (and still do), but now at least I keep reminding myself that whatever the reason is I can’t run, it’s the universe telling me that I need a break. Then I try to enjoy it.
    Enjoy it, just don’t be like Garfield and eat lasagna every day!

    • Haha-yeah I’m not a big fan of lasagna! I’m more of a wine and sweets girl when I splurge! 🙂 and I think you’re right – either my body or the universe was telling me to take a break!

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