My (mostly) Non-Scatterbrained Tuesday and (Belated) Goals for May

When my alarm clock went off this morning at 4:45, I was so tempted to snooze the morning away! I envy people who can just spring out of bed, all bright eyed, bushy tailed, and chipper…yeah, that will NEVER be me!  Waking up before 6 will always feel so unnatural and makes my eyes burn!    But no excuses today, after last weeks slight deviation from my planned training I was determined to get my run in.  I dragged myself out of bed, laced up my running shoes, and made my way to the gym.  With my treadmill being less than 20 steps from my bed, there is really NO excuse for me to skip my daily runs.  Today I focused on speed work with a 1 mile easy warm-up, 3 x 1 Mile Repeats (3 minutes rest in between), then a 1 mile easy cool down with 10 push-ups after each mile I ran.  It was such a great feeling of accomplishment, and definitely set a positive tone for the rest of the day.  I was able to put away a load of laundry and had coffee in hand before 6:15.  It’s been months since I’ve gotten a run in before work, and it was a great reminder for me why early morning work-outs are the way to go!


I’d like to say the rest of my morning went smoothly, however I proved to myself once again that I am incapable of having every aspect of my life together at any given time.  I was still so out of it when taking my shower that I forgot to shave one arm-pit!  Then again, I guess I could look at that in a more optimistic glass is half full kind of way, I REMEMBERED to shave one of my arm-pits! Haha  I may have never noticed, except I then decided to wear a tank top to work today!  I’m soooo hot! 😉 On top of that, while I remembered to feed my kid (this is always a good thing) a healthy breakfast; pancakes and a small cheese omelet….I kind of forgot to eat something myself! My noisy, grumbling stomach reminded me later in the morning, so I grabbed a Cliff bar from the office snack fund between meetings.  On the bright side, I did have a rather productive and successful day at work (Even with a hairy pit!), got my car cleaned out while Ilana was in gymnastics, and even cooked us a real dinner (pasta with turkey meatballs and veggies).  She’s all tucked in for the night, and I’m enjoying quiet “Mommy Reflection” time now.  All and all, I am calling today a success and it was just the motivational jump start I needed!

Me at work today! ROCK STAR!!! ;-)

Me at work today! ROCK STAR!!! 😉


I know it’s all ready a week into May, but after a mood boosting morning work out and pretty decent day, I want to set some goals for myself for the rest of the month.  Hey, it’s better late than never, right? 😉

1. Keep up the 5 am work-outs before work.  The reality is, I never know what is going to come up during the day and it makes finding that “me time” to run difficult.  I need to lay off the snooze button, and stick to my schedule!

Suck it up buttercup! ;-)

Suck it up buttercup! 😉

2. Do push-ups and 15 minutes of ab work three times a week.  I am the WORST about cross training, but I realized this morning how much my upper body strength has suffered from me totally blowing it off.   I want to set a small and achievable goal, so this month I’ll focus on the bare minimum but aim for consistency.


3. Do one yoga work-out a week.  The flexibility is important, but even more important than that is the centering effect Yoga has on me.  I’ve been feeling a bit all over the place and stressed by a lot of (typical) day to day things lately and need to get back in touch with my Inner Hippie!

That's pretty much the only pose I know! ;-)

That’s pretty much the only pose I know! 😉

4. Keep up on housework.  Spend at least 20 minutes every night straightening up.  It’s a lot easier to stay on track with my work-outs when I’m not always digging through piles of clothes looking for a sports bra or a pair of socks!

This is what my bed USUALLY looks like!

This is what my bed USUALLY looks like!

5. Dedicate 10 minutes at the end of each day to reflect on everything positive in my life/gratitude; to maintain an optimistic outlook.



Do you do better with morning workouts?  What are some goals you are currently focusing on?

Love, Peace, and Hair Grease!









6 thoughts on “My (mostly) Non-Scatterbrained Tuesday and (Belated) Goals for May

  1. Your quote about exercising in the morning is dead on and hilarious! I am better about getting a workout done if I plan to do it in the morning, I make too many excuses if I put it off until the afternoon. One of my May goals is to not go two days in a row without doing something active.

  2. You make me laugh as I read your blogs, and wonder what kind of hippie mother who raise such a funny gal who can keep up your crazy daily routines. My goals this month is to not let gravity win and be able to still wear my bra above my waist line 😉 and make Taco walk during our walks instead of carrying her. XOXOX

  3. I kinda like women with one hairy arm pit.. Makes things interesting… I have found every thing is better in the early morning .. It jump starts the day……Good job sweetie. I love you..

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