Being mom strong!

Happy mothers day to all of the wonderful mamas out there! I hope you all had a great day with your little “mini mes” with a some pampering and relaxation included! πŸ˜‰Β  All holidays are days of reflection for me and today I have been feeling especially sentimental while reflecting on motherhood; both the amazing woman who raised me (and my 4 siblings) and the incredible, sassy little woman I am raising; who totally changed my life with her entrance into this world almost 9 years ago.Β 

My mother is one of the most sweet, caring, accepting people I have ever met.Β  I remember times as a child that I though she was totally crazy but looking back and realizing that everything I deal with as a mother is 1/5 of what she dealt with….she was as sane as a person could have possibly been; and she definitely always put (and still puts) her children first in her life!


Isnt she a babe?!?! πŸ™‚ My mom taught me a lot in life, and she is the first person I call still when I need advice. Here are the 10 greatest lessons I learned from my mother:

1. Always put family first.  Family is important and they are the people who will stand by you through anything in life.  My mother loves her family and always makes spending time with us her number 1 priority!


2. Live your life for yourself and nobody else.  She’s always told us to “live an authentic life”; live in a way that makes you happy and don’t worry about pleasing others.  Pleasing everyone us impossible and nothing will lead to more regrets than not being true to yourself.

3. Don’t take yourself too seriously and never be afraid to be silly! My mom loves to be silly and constantly “embarassed” us until we learned to lighten up and enjoy ourselves.  Again, not being worried about impressing


4. You don’t always have to be the center of attention. With 5 kids, we all took turns being ” in the spot light” and we’re expected to support each other.  If we were ever acting jealous and spiteful because one of the other 5 did something special and deserving of attention,  our attitudes were quickly checked and we were simply reminded, “not everything is about you “.

5. Always be kind to others; don’t exclude, don’t tease, don’t condescend; treat everyone with the same love, compassion, acceptance, and patience.  She taught us that everyone is dealing with their own personal struggles in their lives and doing the best they can; we should never judge and should take the time to understand others.  She also told us that any choices another person made, if it did not directly effect us, was none of our business and nothing to make fun of. 


6. Love is what defines a family. There is no such thing as a “normal family” or “one size fits all”. Families come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations.   Blended families don’t have to be awkward or full of conflict.  Learning to love and get along with each other is what’s important.


(The picture in the middle shows just my immediate blended family; siblings with their spouses/significant others and children. Obviously some of us are photo shopped in, my mom is photo shop queen! Lol)

7. Be adventurous! My mother was a military brat raising a gaggle of military brats.  She was used to traveling the world and always enjoyed finding new and exciting things for us to do. We rarely watched tv, we were too busy exploring! My family still gets together often to do fun, out of the box activities together.


8. Be comfortable in your own skin and have your own interest.  My step dad likes to spend his free time working on engines  and racing speed boats; and my mom loves to do genealogy and watch football. Obviously my parents spend a lot of time together (that’s usually what married people do)…but they also like to have “me time” where they each can focus on their own interest and maintain their own separate identities.  

9. Be happy for others and be proud of their accomplishments; and tell them so! She has attended every important event in all of her children’s lives; school and boot camp graduations, weddings, baby showers….my mother has always been there.  And she’s always encouraged the rest of the family to be there as well to show their support whenever possible!

10. Being a mom is happiness!  While going through pictures of my mother and really observing them from a different perspective (being a mother now too)…I noticed something.   My mother is glowing with pure happiness and overflowing pride in every picture she is in with one of her children. 


It brought tears to my eyes looking at her pictures, and wondering why I never noticed it before.  Not that I haven’t always known that my mother loves me, and the rest of my brothers and sisters. It was just a realization on a different level of consciousness, with more true empathy and understanding than I ever had before; how wondeful my mother is and how much she has given and sacrificed for her children.  I love you with 100% of my heart mom! Happy mothers day!

What is the most significant thing you have learned from your mother I’m your life?  For those who have children,  how has having children changed your perception of your mother?  Do you appreciate her more now?

One last happy mothers day and good night to you!




15 thoughts on “Being mom strong!

  1. That was beautiful salute to your mother! And such great things she taught you. You must feel very lucky to be her daughter. Happy Mother’s Day to you! πŸ™‚

  2. WOW, you are an amazing daughter, and mother! Glad to know that you love me as, much as I love you. My life has truly been blessed being your mother, and now Ilana’s grandmother. Life has its twist and turns, ups and downs, but the common thread that makes it all worth while is getting to be part of a family that there is love, respect mixed in with some silly, off the wall memories. Thanks, for writing this blog, it will be another one of those Cherished keepsakes I will save so if I ever decide to grow old I can sit around and read it to remember that I did have some impact in your life. XOXO Keep on Blogging and Running towards your dreams.

  3. Very very nice Kristine… I agree with you about the glow when Karen sees you and her other children and grandchildren.. Sometimes I get a bit jealous over that but then I see how wonderful you guys are and what a good person she is, soooo its all good…

    • Thank you! I had a great mothers day! Went to brunch with ilana and her step mom, they made me an awesome hand painted vase…then spent the rest of the day relaxing. Hope you had an amazing day too! πŸ™‚

  4. This made me all teary! What a beautiful post. It sounds like you have such a wonderful family! (Your mom rocks!)

    I hope you had a great Mother’s Day, friend! I’m still a relative newbie to this mom thing, but I’ve definitely had a lot of perspective shifts since she came along. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! πŸ™‚ I had a wonderful mother’s day! I hope you did as well! You are such a fantastic mommy! The perspective shift when becoming a mother is insane!

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