Weekly Training Recap and Random Thoughts

Overall I was satisfied with my running this week.  I met my mileage goal with five solid runs; including speed work, hill work, and a focused long run.  The beginning of the week was hot and humid, but after the long, bitter cold winter, this Spring weather has been delightful!! My legs are finally adjusting and getting stronger from more running outside and less running on my dreadmill….ok treadmill! I really shouldn’t complain…I ❤ my treadmill and it’s been a god send for me maintaining a consistent training schedule and my endurance when the weather is blah!  I just really ❤ being outside in nature even more! And it is showing in my run times! 🙂


Oh….and I had a theme song this week! I blasted Big Daddy Kane’s “I get the job done” before every run to get myself pumped!  And no, I’m not totally naive, I’m aware he isn’t talking about running….but I applied his…uh….work ethic? to my runs this week! Haha

This weeks run down, Me “Getting the job done” 😉 :

  • Monday-Rest
  • Tuesday-Track work-out; 1.57 mile warm-up, 8×400 [Splits:1:21,  1:31,  1:18,  1:33,  1:27, 1:27, 1:32, 1:20], 1.56 cool-down
  • Wednesday-Rest
  • Thursday- 5 miles/Tempo Run (41:40, 8:20 AP) 
  • Friday- 6.5 miles hills (1:05:51, 10:08 AP, 772 foot elevation gain=Sloooooow running!)
  • Saturday- 5 miles trail run with my BFF/Love 🙂 (47:55, 9:35 AP)
  • Sunday- 15 miles 70/30 (LSD/Race Pace) on B&A Trail (2:01:39, 8:06 AP)

Total Weekly Miles: 37.8 miles

Total 2014 Miles: 611.63

After my 15 miler...always such a good feeling finishing off another training week!

After my 15 miler…always such a good feeling finishing off another training week!

Lots of running this week equaled lots of random thoughts.  That is one of the things I like most about running; I get to spend time day dreaming and recharging, which is a great stress release!

This weeks top random thoughts….

  • Peanut butter, carbs, and bananas are my favorite “performance” foods.  I’ve been doing some combination of carbs with peanut butter and bananas for pre-workout meals/snacks and it seems to give me the most energy with the least tummy troubles.  During today’s long run (after a delicious PB&J sandwich and banana), the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” song popped into my head….who remembers this??? Haha
  • Letting go of hurt can feel like a 1000 pounds being lifted off of your shoulders.  I let someone close to me know my feelings were hurt by something they did, which turned out to be totally unintentional.  I had been thinking, rethinking, and over analyzing the situation for weeks, and was finally able to let it go after our conversation.  And it was such a relief! My over all out look was better and I EVEN ran better this week! 🙂


  • Being girly just isn’t my thing.  I don’t wear make-up or heels, and tell fart jokes with the guys….and I am totally O.K. with that! I’ve always been a tomboy (I’m sure growing up with 3 brothers has something to do with that!) But I do wish I could be less awkward when it comes to having “emotional” conversations with my girlfriends!
Can tomboys like pink? Haha

Can tomboys like pink? Haha

  • I love the new necklace my mother gave me for mother’s day!  She entered me into a “Mom who runs with heart” Mother’s day give away, at a local store in Utah; Scott James Sport Jewelry, and I won! It’s a beautiful necklace, but what it represents to me is even more beautiful! I read my mom’s entry, such a proud Mama, and it’s awesome having the people I love support me in doing something I love!



How was your training week? Want to share some of your random thoughts?






11 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap and Random Thoughts

  1. You are a dynamo! What a heavy training schedule. I’m envious! The necklace is very thoughtful and I love it. I’m a tomboy too. I had to wear heels this past week and I’m still in pain. I have so many silly thoughts during runs that I’d be embarrassed to discuss most! lol have a great week and it looks busy.

    • Thank you for the compliment! Ive come a long way since i started distance running 5 years ago. And youre totally rocking your training too charolette! You’ll be logging 30-40 mile weeks in no time with your marathon training!

  2. A banana with a fat tablespoon of peanut butter is my go-to snack anytime of the day (and by fat, I mean so heaping that I almost need a second spoon.) And I love me some Big Daddy Kane! Need to add it to my tunes…thanks!

    • Oh, I love peanut butter spoons! It’s a go to snack for me as well! And I was so excited when I heard this big daddy kane song on backspin! It’s definitely a great workout song! 🙂

  3. Great job on your workouts! Nice splits on the 400’s. Mine have been right around 80 seconds, too bad you aren’t closer – we could pace each other! LOL, Big Daddy Kane! What, no Kool Moe Dee?

    • Thanks! Thats the fastest (by far) ive ever ran my 400s-ive been forcing myself to do speed work…its definitely not my favorite! That would be cool if you lived near me! I’ve been looking for a running buddy and finding the perfect “pace match” can be a challenge!

      • Nice! I know speed work kind of sucks, but I love seeing the results! Yeah, that would be cool to have a pace match. Maybe we can start a website – PaceMatch.com

      • That is actually a great idea! I’ve asked friends if it would be weird for me to post a personal ad looking for a purely platonic running buddy….so far it’s been a unanimous yes! Lol I did join a running club and am hoping to find my pace match at one of their organized runs. 🙂

      • Haha, yeah, it could be a bit sketchy to place an personal ad. “Looking for platonic running buddy. Please, no murderers.” 😉
        Yes! The running club should have at least one person you can pace with!

  4. I love the random thoughts! I really enjoy reading things that everyone does that is not necessarily related to the blog’s main theme. A pink bow? Outstanding! Where did you find that?

    • Lol – thank you! I have so many random thoughts but forget most of them, I’m like a gold fish sometimes! 😉 I love my pink bow! My boyfriend bought it for me at bass pro shop; I’m a lanky lefty with NO upper body strength so it was hard finding a bow that fit me…The ONLY bow they had in the store was this pink one (infinity edge)…The sales guy asked me if I was ok with the fact they only had it in pink. I said, “ok with it? I LOVE it!” my love for the color pink is one of my few super girly qualities! 😉

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