Random Summer Stuff that I Love, Love, Love!!!!

Summer is really starting to heat up and I’m loving it! Even growing up in San Antonio, Summer has always been my favorite season! I like  hot sunny days, cook outs, lounging by a pool with a margarita, and playing the song “Summer Loving” from Grease (Possibly one of the greatest movies ever) playing on repeat! 😉


Aside from a few disgustingly humid days, the Maryland running weather has been PERFECT!  I feel bulky, awkward, and restricted when running in cold weather layers and I get excited  about shopping new summer running outfits in the same way that college girls get excited about shopping for their summer bikinis!  (Because lets face it, bikini shopping looses SOME of it’s appeal as getting older and having babies makes our stomachs a little softer!)  While some things look cute and feel comfortable in a dressing room; a few SWASSY runs will uncover little imperfections that can cause overheating, pinching, chaffing, and sad faces.   After giving everything a try, I’ve found a few new favorites that have become the regulars in my running wardrobe!


  • Saucony Kinvara 4 (A minimalist(ish) Running Shoe): For the last year I have been focusing on my running form, and have been practicing elements of Chi Running.  I wanted to give minimalist running shoes a try based on the theory that running in a shoe with a lower heel to toe drop mimics barefoot running and will lead to a more natural stride.  There are people with very strong opinions on both side of this camp, and I don’t think the minimalist movement is for everyone. Even if it is something that you want to give a try, transitioning to a minimalist running shoes should be gradual and approached with caution.  The Kinvara is a light (6.7 ounces), performance neutral shoe with only a 4 mm heel to toe drop. The first time I wore theses shoes for a short, easy run they felt light and fast, but my calves ached by the end of my run.  I slowly worked the Kinarvas into my regular rotation, wearing them only for short runs (Up to 6 miles) for the first month.  It took a couple of runs to get used to them, but now I am absolutely in LOVE with them!!  So much so that I don’t even want to wear my “stability shoes”, Asics GT-2000s, because they feel too heavy/bulky and make my feet hurt.  My Asics are now only reserved for my longest runs (Over 10 miles).  I even wore my Kinvaras for my last race, The Annapolis Zooma Half Marathon.  These are hands down my favorite shoes, EVER!  I have never been so in love with a pair of running shoes! Oh, and the fact that the are “Obnoxious Neon Yellow” is definitely a plus! ❤
My New Loves!! <3

My New Loves!! ❤


  • Injinji Lightweight No Show Toe Socks (In pink of course!!): Summer heat=sweaty feet and funky toes!!  All of my running socks were in a sad state; super dingy with holes in the toes…Sooooo it was time to restock!  I decided to buy a few different brands, to see what I liked.  For the hot weather, the Injinjis are my favorite! They allow my feet to breathe and prevent rubbing/blistering between the toes.  I ended up going back and buying a couple more pairs.  All in pink! 😉



  • Nike Rival Stretch Running Skirt (Super comfy and stylish!): Running skirts have been my favorite for running in the heat for a while…Loose running shorts chafe the inside of my thighs (and lady parts), while fitted running shorts have the tendency to ride up to the point of exposing butt cheek! (Tall girl problems!)  I love running skirts, because the built in compression shorts are comfy and prevent painful chaffing, while the skirt provides me with a little extra coverage to keep me reasonably decent during my runs/races.  Plus, they are super cute and stylish! When I found this Nike running skirt, I was so excited by all of the color options it came in! It was soooo hard to decide on one! O.K., it ended up being two!   And I love the ties on the side that allow you to cinch up the skirt a bit to show off the cute compression shorts underneath.  I have one in lime green with black shorts, and one in hot pink with pink leopard shorts!!  I want to buy ALL the colors! Stupid bills! 😉
Run like a girl!

Run like a girl!


  • Under Armour Fly By Stretch Mesh Tank Top: Most of my running shirts are some variation of under armour’s racer back style tank top.   I like that they have good air flow, keep me cool, let my colorful sports bras peak out, and don’t chaff my arm pits!  When I ordered this mesh tank top, I was surprised by how light weight and breezy it was! And again, comes in a gazillion adorable colors!  My new favorite summer running top! 🙂




  • NUUN and Coconut Water for Hydration: Ok, so yes…this has absolutely nothing to do with my summer running wardrobe but I thought I’d throw it in there…Because…Staying hydrated is especially important when training during the summer! I’ll be honest….I HATE drinking water so I have trick myself (like a kid) into drinking enough daily water.  I’ve been making ice-cubes out of coconut water and throwing the cubes into my water bottle to add a little extra, refreshing flavor.  I also add NUUN tablets to my normal water when working out during the hotter parts of the day.  I love the cherry limeade and pink lemonade flavors the best!
Ahhhhhh!!! So summery, like a pina colada!

Ahhhhhh!!! So summery, like a pina colada!


I wasn’t paid (or even asked! Lol) to review any of these products.  All my opinions, and excitement about these things is 100% me and 100% genuine!  There’s always a lot of trial and error in running so I wanted to share my excitement about my new favorite running stuff and about summer in general!  I hope you all are having a fantastic summer and are enjoying training in the heat too!

What is some of your favorite summer running gear?  Do you drink your water plain, or do you like it with a twist like me?







5 thoughts on “Random Summer Stuff that I Love, Love, Love!!!!

  1. Cute gear!!! It’s great to know what you like!! XOXO!!! Although it has been quite humid here, summer running can be fun.

    I love my Under Armour spandex (especially my light purple pair), my Forever21 sports bras (especially my Barbie one), and my chic braided hairbands. They keep all my layers out of my face.

    I drink freshly squeezed or freshly juiced orange juice right after I run for recovery. I also love strawberry infused water for summer running. It’s delicious! Have a great day!!

    • A barbie sports bra! I love it! I’ve never been to forever 21 before but it sounds like they have super cute stuff! Your hair always looks fab when you run!

      Freshly squeezed orange juice and strawberry infused water sounds so yum! 🙂

      • Haha, I know, when I first spotted the Barbie sports bra (in hot pink nonetheless), I seriously ran across the store to make sure I got it! It was the last one! That was a close one!! 🙂 Haha!! Have a great day Kristine!

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