Wineglass Marathon Training-Week 1

My first week of training for the WG Marathon was a bit of a challenge.  I was visiting Colorado; so acclimating to the high altitude and living out of a hotel was a wee bit disruptive to my normal routine.  I think the most difficult thing about training while traveling is eating out all the time.  I tried to make the healthiest food choices possible, but did not have 100% control over what was going into my food and did fall to temptation a couple of times by indulging in some super tasty local fare!  The almond butter and berry jam stuffed french toast that I ate at “The French Press” this morning after my long run was DEEEEE-LICIOUS!!!!!

french press


Overall, I was happy with week #1 of marathon training.  I got in all of my planned miles (Hanson’s Advanced Training Plan) and even got in a little bit of cross training.  (All though, I did not get in as much cross training as I would have liked this week.) Luckily, I decided to throw in an extra easy run early in the week because I ended up being in NO condition to run on Saturday.  I went to see a Skrillex concert at Red Rocks Friday night, and 1) Drank 3 vodka lemonades and 2) Was up past 1 am.  Since drinking and staying up past 10 pm is rare for me, my energy was totally zapped the next day.  What can I say, this girl can’t hang any more! Lol  The concert was AWESOME though! Such a cool experience!

Such Amazing Views!

Such Amazing Views!

I did manage to do some exploring on Saturday.  With a little hiking at “The Garden of the Gods” and a train ride to the top of Pike’s Peak.  Colorado is a beautiful place! I love the being out doorsy and active, and I’m a total mountain girl soooo it’s pretty much like heaven to me!

Cool rocks and mountain views!

Cool rocks and mountain views!


The run-down of WG Marathon Training (Week 1):

  1. Monday- 45 minutes elliptical trainer and 24 burpees
  2. Tuesday- 4 mile easy run, 25 burpees
  3. Wednesday– Rest (Planned)
  4. Thursday- 6 mile easy run
  5. Friday-6 miles easy run, 29 burpees
  6. Saturday– Rest (Unplanned)
  7. Sunday- 11 mile easy run
  • Total Weekly Miles: 27 miles
  • Total 2014 Miles: 743.35
*So True*

*So True*


Who else is training for a fall marathon? For the repeat offenders out there, what keeps you coming back for more? 😉 


8 thoughts on “Wineglass Marathon Training-Week 1

  1. Not exactly what I thought this was about. 🙂 I thought to myself, while looking at the title, that this is something I could do! A wine marathon! But alas, no goblets for this one. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I hear you about staying up late. I’m junk the next day if I stay up too late the night before.

  2. Colorado is the heaven for fitness minded people! I read an article and I believe it’s true from my experience visiting Colo is that Coloradans are the fittest people % wise in the US. Your Wineglass Marathon just sounds great! I think if I lived in Colorado, I’d never go indoors except to sleep, maybe! 🙂 Colorado Springs in the fall is heaven with the yellow aspens living the Rio Grande. Hiking, biking, running…camping….I love it! Yeah, I can’t hang anymore either. I guess that’s what happens when we get up early, run long miles, work, raise families…etc. That stuffed french toast sounds divine!

    • Oh, I agree! There are so many active people and active things to do in Colorado! Such an amazing place! I’m really looking forward to the wineglass marathon. Hope your marathon training is going well!

  3. Whoa!! You’re training for Wineglass too, it seem that all the cool runners are lol 🙂 looks like you had a good solid first week of training and even despite traveling. I hear Wineglass is a crazy fast course! Best wishes on your training and I sooooo want to go to Colorado one day 🙂

    • Wineglass has awesome reviews and is supposed to be a good PR/BQ course. I’m really looking forward to running it this year! Good luck to you with your training too! And if you ever get the chance to visit colorado you should! It’s such an awesome place!

    • Thank you! one of the fun things about running while traveling is getting to explore new places and enjoying new scenery. 🙂 did my first speed work out today! It was challenging (still in Co the rest of this week and the dry air/elevation isn’t what I’m used to) but a lot of fun. Loved getting to look at the mountains during my workout! 🙂

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