My Drive to Run…Week 2 of Wineglass Marathon Training

O.K., I’m going to be honest with you…..there are some days I just don’t FEEL like running.  Work and life can get in the way, my legs feel sore, the weather is too hot/cold/windy…., or I may just feel plain worn down.  Despite all of that, I still LOVE running and go out for a run most days.  In fact, even when I’m not running, I spend a lot of my time reading about, talking about, blogging about, or just day dreaming about running.  Does this make me driven or obsessed with my sport?  I’ve met enough people who despise running to know my behavior is not quite normal….yet, there are a lot of other runners out there just like me! (Many of you here on WordPress! I ❤ all of you nuts!!)  So what is it about running that makes makes it so addictive?  What obsesses ummm, drives me to run?


1. My goals! When I ran my first race (The Baltimore Half Marathon in 2009) my goal was to dedicate 3 months to following a training plan and to simply finish the race.  Then I thought, I could do that twice, why not run a marathon? (FYI…In retrospect this logic was flawed, a marathon is NOT two half marathons!) Then after racing most distances, I wanted to start getting faster/stronger and was focused on achieving new PRs.  Last year I met my goal of breaking a 4 hour marathon.  Now my primary goal/obsession is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  I love how running allows me to constantly set new goals, compete with myself, and push myself to get better.


2. Running is cheaper than therapy.  This is one of my favorite quotes and it is soooo true for me!  I have a lot going on in my life, between taking care of my daughter, work, and commuting…and I have the tendency to get a BIT high strung at times and my daily runs “take the edge off”.  I don’t know how I would keep it all together without my running therapy!

3. Running makes me feel like a super hero! I love the feeling I get when I am running and competing in races.  It’s a great break from my normal daily grind.  The adrenaline from running a race and having complete strangers cheer me on is so cool! It’s like a Clark Kent to Superman transformation when this Mama/IT geek becomes Running Betty, “speeding” towards the finish line!


4. Running allows me to explore and to connect with nature.  I’m an adventurous person by nature, and have always liked to explore new places.  I discovered I can cover a lot more ground, which=more exploration, when running.  Most of my runs are “out and backs” , with no planned route, so every run is like a new adventure!  I love exploring new parks/trails and running is my favorite way to site see when visiting a new city.  (I got to enjoy lots of beautiful mountain views running around the Denver, CO area the last 2 weeks)  I also like running with no music so I can take in the nature around me with ALL of my senses.



5. I run because I can.  The ability to use my legs and run is a blessing that I never want to take for granted.  I want to have good memories to look back on if there is ever a point in my life that I can’t run anymore, and I want to be able to know I pushed myself and achieved everything I was capable of.  But until that day comes….as long as I am able to run, I will!


Summary of Week 2 WG Marathon Training:

  • Monday- Rest
  • Tuesday- 6 miles easy
  • Wednesday- 8 miles speed work (400 meter repeats on track)
  • Thursday- Rest (Unplanned, unexpected 13 hour work day)
  • Friday- 6 miles easy
  • Saturday- Rest (Unplanned, traveling/home late)
  • Sunday– 10 miles easy on C&O canal, +1 mile trail running near home -Exploring new trails! 🙂


  • Total Weekly Miles: 31 miles (10 miles short of goal)
  • Total 2014 Miles: 774.35


What about you?  How was your training week? What drives you to run?


14 thoughts on “My Drive to Run…Week 2 of Wineglass Marathon Training

  1. Glad you had safe travels! I love your goals. Great running, too. That’s awesome you got speed work in as well! Way to run while traveling! 😉
    What drives me to run?! My dad always told me: “You win your races in practice, not on race day.” Therefore, I love pushing myself to the brink during practice- It excites me!! Running for me is freedom and the challenge of seeing how far I can push is so fun! I love setting new personal records during practice, too!
    Have a great week!!! XOXO!!!

    • Thank you for your kind comments and support kristin! Your dad gave you great advice! I totally agree that it’s all about pushing yourself during practice! Pushing past the comfort zone is the only way to get better! Your hard work shows! I’m sure you have many more PRS to come both I’m practice and competition! 🙂

  2. “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” is the saying. Life/work gets in the way at times, but you’ve adjusted quite nicely. Kristin is right about practicing – my teams mantra was “you play like you practice, and you practice like you play”. Your training looks fantastic, plus you’re keeping it fun. For me, that’s half of the battle. Once I’ve become disinterested in it, I won’t do it anymore.

    • What a great quote rob! I don’t like missing training sessions but I’ve learned to adjust to keep myself from burning out. I used to get so stressed out about missing a run, it eould become a downward spiral. Id think, “i all readt blew this week, might as well throw i the towel and start over next week.” Now i try to pick up my training the next day and keep rolling! And fun is a must for me! There are enough unfun things that I HAVE to do that forcing myself to do something I don’t enjoy just isn’t happening! I hope you had a great weekend! 🙂

  3. Excellent post!! And I just knew you were a purists runner sweet!!! I’m about 90% purists lol 🙂 My training week was pretty good I did one of my speediest workouts in quite sometime last Thursday. What drives me to run hmmmm there are a lot of things but if I had pick two reasons close to my heart it would be 1) to keep the memory of my late mother alive in my mind and 2) to inspire healthy living in a society that is quickly running in the opposite direction of healthy living especially our children of today.

    • Thank you runner boy! I used to run with music all the time but after oing sans music a couple of times because of safety issues (busy roads) or being aggravated by my headphones I found out I prefer it! Great job on a solid training week and a speedy run! 🙂 I love the things that drive you to run. Remembering a loved one and being a good health role model are excellent reasons to run! Have a good one! 🙂

  4. Good stuff! I hear you. I also have many personal reasons to run. Like you said – because I can – is one. Our high school track/CC star ended up breaking his neck after graduating and becoming paralyzed. It was definitely inspirational to see him in his wheelchair at our meets after that.

  5. I’m really not sure what drives me to run. It’s an addiction, for sure – wanting to push the limits and find out just what the human body is capable of and how much it can take is a big part of it. That and medals of course. I do like medals. 🙂

    • Haha! Gotta love the bling! Medals are pretty awesome! Seeing what the human body is capable of is another great reason to run! I’m always totally in awe watching elite runners compete! They are like super humans!

  6. Awesome week of workouts! This post just got me so pumped up to be able to run again (I’m currently sidelined…BLAH). I run for all of these same reasons. I got some finish line photos back from a 5K a couple weeks ago and in almost all the pics the photographer got me with my feet off the ground. I WAS FLYYYYING! Like a superhero. It really does make me feel that way!

    • Awww! Sorry that you are sidelined! Hopefully you’ll be able to run again soon! I LOVE race pictures with my feet off the ground! So awesome that you were flying like a superhero in your 5K, because you totally are a superhero! What a fun feeling! Sounds like a great race!

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