Very Inspiring Bloggers and Week 3 of WG Marathon Training

First, I’d like to thank Rob from Weight2lose2013 for nominating me as a “Very Inspiring Blogger”!  For those of you who don’t know Rob, you should definitely go check out his page!  He has an off the wall, fun sense of  humor and shares some great throwback Thursday music videos.  Not to mention, he’s one of the most kind and supportive people I’ve met on WordPress!! 🙂

The rules for accepting this award are to share 7 random things about yourself, then pay it forward by nominating 15 fabulous bloggers as “Very Inspiring Bloggers”.  Easy enough, right!?

7 random facts/things you may not know about Running Betty:

  1.  My middle name is Louise, the same middle name my mother has.  It’s a bit “old fashioned” so I got teased about it as a kid, but now I’m nothing but proud to share a middle name with my super awesome mom! 🙂
  2. I am terrified of spiders! Seriously, to the point that I can’t even step on one (I’m afraid I’ll miss and it will run up my pant leg) or even pick up a dead one with a paper towel wearing rubber dish gloves (Even squished I’m convinced the sneaky bastard is only PLAYING dead)!  Yes, I realized this is irrational and NO, I am not eve close to joking!
  3. I get VERY emotional when rocking the air guitar in my car.  I will sing at the top of my lungs and start tearing up; especially if it’s a Journey song!
  4. I love spicy food! If I’m eating something that isn’t spicy by default (Indian/Thai/Mexican) I will douse it in hot sauce!
  5. I grew up playing capture the flag and paint ball (all the time) with my 3 younger brothers.  I took it very seriously! I once hid in a tree for over an hour, waiting to drop a water balloon on my brothers head!
  6. Speaking of climbing trees….I have always loved climbing on things!  As a kid, this meant getting stitches more times than I can even count….As an adult it developed into a love for rock climbing! While the tiniest spider will have me standing on couch crying, I am pretty fearless when it comes to heights!
  7. Which is how I ended up being a diver my freshman year of high school! Dive meets equaled extra points for my schools swim meets.  Since we didn’t have a female diver at my school, and I was fearless/dumb,  the coach convinced me to dive.  I could land an 11 dive list, but let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty!  I was relieved to pass the torch to the new girl (a former gymnast) my sophomore year, and to be able to focus 100% on my swimming!

15 bloggers who I happen to find pretty dang inspiring!:

  1. Runsaltrun
  2. 1year2boston
  3. Piratebobcat
  4. RunCharlotte
  5. Fitnessmeetsfrosting
  6. Runrodrun
  7. Stampedwithaheart
  8. Heatherrunsfast
  9. marathonandsprint
  10. theblogrunner
  11. thegirlwhoraneverywhere
  12. flrunnerboy
  13. girlrunswild
  14. runningfromitall
  15. bettylivin

I’m not one who takes it personally if you don’t choose to participate….I have met many great/awesome bloggers on wordpress (waayyy more than I included in this list) and love getting the opportunity from time to time to let y’all know I think you’re awesome! If you decide to take part in being an “Inspiring Blogger”, follow the rules listed above….share 7 random silly facts about yourself and nominate some of your favorite inspiring bloggers!


Wineglass Marathon Week 3 Training Recap:

  • Monday- 6 miles easy
  • Tuesday- Rest
  • Wednesday- 6 miles easy
  • Thursday- 1 mile, 8×600 meter repeats (2:33-2:36 pace) with 600 meter recovery(7 miles total)
  • Friday- 1 mile warm-up, 6 mile tempo run (7:49-8:01 pace), 1 mile cool-down (8 miles total)
  • Saturday- 5 miles easy, trail run
  • Sunday- 10 mile long (8:33 pace)
  • Total Weekly Miles- 42 miles 
  • Total 2014 Miles- 816.35 miles

I was happy with this weeks training.  It’s definitely easier to get my miles in when I’m home! I can stick to my routine and can run all of my favorite routes/trails.  Being back at sea level was cool too, my breathing was more natural and I was able to hit my goal pace in (almost) every work-out, aside from my track/speed workout which was far from perfect. I started too late on Thursday (Around 8 am), and it heated up quick!  My first 6 repeats felt great and were on pace, but I felt like I hit a wall before starting the last two.  ALL of my muscles were cramping, including my arms.  I was worried about heat exhaustion so I drank lots of water then ran my last two repeats way slower than goal pace (About 8-8:30 min per mile).

Today’s long run felt great!! When initially looking at my training plan, I was wondering what the difference was between a 10 mile easy run and a 10 mile long run…..Well the difference is pace!  (For those of you who remember when I first started rambling on about Hanson’s training method, one of the key principles of his training plan is to run at a “prescribed pace” for each workout.)  My 10 mile easy run was at a 9:30 min per mile pace, while today’s 10 miler was ran at a 8:33 min per mile pace.  While I am not 100% sold yet, and a bit nervous that following Hanson’s method is going to make me slower, not faster…after a few weeks of following this program my pacing is definitely improving.  I am starting to feel the difference between a 6:30, 7:00, 8:30, and so on…minute per mile pace and am able to maintain a more consistent overall pace during my workouts.  It took me 2 miles to warm-up, but I ran my last 8 miles at a steady 8:15 pace, making today’s run my most even paced long run to date! 🙂

After my long run

After my long run

I rewarded myself with one of my favorite post workout snacks; an almond butter and banana/berry protein shake….it was soo refreshing and a great way to cool down after today’s long run! 🙂 (Ingredients: 3/4 cup vanilla almond milk, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries, 3 coconut water ice-cubes, 1 tablespoon almond butter)

In my "booze cup" that never sees booze ;-)

In my “booze cup” that never sees booze 😉

Feeling motivated and pumped for my upcoming week of  training!  WG training week 4….bring it on!  😉


How are your workouts going in this heat?! What’s your favorite speed workout?  




23 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Bloggers and Week 3 of WG Marathon Training

  1. Glad your training week went well. I so enjoy laughing at your blogs. Now that I got all the tears out of my system from Ilana going home, and the house cleaned back up, tomorrow I will start my couch to 5K program and my “bums of steel” workouts, so this grandma can keep up with my adult children and grandchildren. My goal is to work out half hour in the morning and half hour in the evenings five days a week, and hope to lose between one to two pounds per week, until I am back down in the weight range that is healthy for me, and I am able to just complete a 5K race with the grandchildren. Nothing like what you do, but for this grandma its a starting point to regaining a more active lifestyle. I love your Middle name 😉 It inspires me to try to be more like my oldest daughter who is awesome and inspiring in so many ways. XOXOX

    • Thank you! I know lana misses you too – she had a great time! I look forward to eating some of the cherry jam she made me! 🙂 The coach to 5k is a great program! I know you can do it and you’ll do great! ❤

  2. Thanks for the nomination!! Your training sounds like it’s going really awesome – those Thursday/Friday workouts sound intense. I’m definitely curious about the Hanson’s training method, so I’m excited to see how it works out!

  3. I enjoyed reading your facts!! I’m going to visit your nominees today and see what they’re up to. I played paintball once, with a facemask, jeans and a t-shirt. I got so many welts on my body that day, and had zero desire to have that happen to me again. lol

    • You should totally check out my nominees! This time they all happened to be running related blogs….I’ve been in full on training mode for the last few weeks and these are some of the bloggers who have been inspiring/motivating/supporting me the most with my training! 🙂

      And oh NO, you never want to wear a t-shirt paint balling! We used to wear old camo uniforms and oversized hockey jerseys….paintballs can leave a nasty welt!

  4. You like totally rule and stuff! Thanks so much! I’m honored! I love reading your blog too!
    I looooove spicy food – if we ever meet up at a destination race, let’s melt our faces off with hot foods! Just be warned that if you come to one in Texas, we do have tarantulas. I see them fairly often on my runs. Just have to jump over them. They’re just going about their business.

    • You’re welcome! As for a destination race….if you’re ever running a race on the East Coast let me know! I do a lot of weekend road trips for races. Hopefully I’ll make it to Texas for a race one day! It’s one of my favorite states and think it would be cool to knock a marathon in every state off my bucket list! Then lots and lots of spicy food! (Post race of course! Haha)

      The tarantulas sound scary but if I MUST jump over or run around them…I MAYBE can handle that! Haha

      • Will do! I ran the Flying Pirate Half last year in OBX, that was a blast! I’ll keep an eye out! My friend was trying to run a marathon in each state…until her femur snapped during a race in Arizona…ouch!
        Yeah, tarantulas don’t care about us at all. It’s always a shame when I hear of someone that will smash one out of ignorance.

  5. You just made my day!! I think YOU are so inspiring! Thank you so much, friend. 🙂
    I loved getting to know a little more about you too and the name Louise is awesome! I love old fashioned/classic names and that one fits the bill for me. (Hehe I do have a Betty of course!)

    Spicy food is my favorite too. Even if it’s not necessarily supposed to be spicy I will probably put hot sauce on/in it. 🙂 That smoothie looks amazing too. I just tried almond butter for the first time in a recipe I made yesterday and I’m already a fan! (I don’t like peanut butter so I’m shocked that I liked it!)

    • Thanks Salt! Old fashioned names are very cool and end up being more unique than names that are “trying” to be unique. Betty is an awesome name! Of course, I may be biased! 😉 And almond butter is AMAZING! So healthy, versatile, and yummy! 🙂

  6. Thanks Kristine!! I really appreciate your nomination!! That means a lot!! Great picture, too!! You look wonderful! Diving sounds like a lot of fun! It’s definitely something I wish I would have tried! Spicy food is definitely my favorite, too!! Yum!! Your marathon training is going fabulously! I have 100% confidence that you will achieve your goal time!! XOXO!! Have a wonderful week!!

    • You’re welcome! Your hard core dedication to your training is definitely an inspiration for me! You would have been a great diver with your gymnastics background! 🙂 thank you for the encouragement with my training! Have a wonderful week too!

      • Thank you so much!! Very kind!! Diving does sound like lots of fun!! I appreciate your compliment!! Hope you had a wonderful week!! XOXO!!

  7. No. 3 has me thinking that we may be soul antes. I air guitar/air piano/air tambourine/air EVERYTHING. And I own it. I just own the crap out of it.

    Great post!

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