Regaining control of my life AND my blog

Hello everyone! I’m back!!! (For real, for real this time!!) This summer was a disaster as far as training and blogging are concerned.  I neglected both seriously and now I am analyzing all of the “fall out” effects of the neglect.  To begin with, my waist is feeling a little more rotund and squishy than I would like.  I am a girl who LOVES to eat, so I rely on high mileage and other high intensity workouts to keep my “girlish figure”….and I pack on the pounds quickly when I neglect my work-outs!  (I hate envy you naturally svelte women!! ;-)) But what is even worse than that is what has happened to my blog while I’ve been gone…..

Surprisingly, despite my VERY infrequent posting over the summer, my blog traffic has remained about the same.  (Granted, I don’t have the most popular blog, I’m talking less than 20 visitors per day) Out of curiosity, I looked at the search terms that have been bringing weirdos  people to my site.  Apparently my running blog has metamorphosed into some sort of foot fetish blog in my absence! Here are some of the search terms:

  1. “Splint brace fetish”
  2. “Running shoe fetish”
  3. “Random runners foot fetish”
  4. “Foot after running fetish”
  5. “My foot fetish keeps me from dating”

I’m pretty sure these search terms are related to a blog a posted several months ago, as a joke about runner’s feet.  Not that I’m judging….this just was NOT the intent of this blog or my blog in general! In fact, it clearly states in this article that people with foot fetishes should NOT date runners! Haha  Time to regain control of my training, my blog (I want my top search term to be, “Bad Ass Running Bettys!!”), and my life!

Before I get into my normal weekly run-down/work out summary….here is a random picture of me in front of a castle.  Yes, Germany was awesome….LOVED the food, wine, and beer a little bit too much but I guess it is what it is…. 😉 I feel fortunate and blessed to have traveled to so many cool places over the summer, but I’m ready to be a homebody for a while and get back into a normal routine.

Me Under a Castle



My work-out summaries for ALL of August

Total Miles Ran in Germany: 22.5 miles

Summary of Last Weeks Workouts:

  • Monday-Run 6 miles on Treadmill
  • Tuesday-Run 4 miles at park, push-ups
  • Wednesday- Run 6 miles
  • Thursday-Rest
  • Friday- Swim 800 meters, 45 min. spin class, 3.1 mile run
  • Saturday- Rest (Kinda….4 hours of back to back trampoline park birthday parties with Ilana)
  • Sunday- Run 4.6 miles

Weekly Mileage: 23.7 miles

Total 2014 Miles: 906.2 miles

Wine and Food Consumed: Lots!!!!

Weight Gained: 10 lbs (Yikes!!!)

One of the major reasons I started this blog is to keep myself accountable and motivate myself by tracking my progress.  That was fun for the first half of the year, when I was training hard and kicking butt….not as fun (but even more important) when training isn’t going as well.  It’s eye opening, and a nice kick in the ass, seeing that the month of August my total mileage was approximately equal to my average weekly mileage during marathon training.  Summers are when I usually log my highest mileage, but I let work overwhelm me and totally feel apart on my training.  I took some time off last week to organize my house and regroup.  I had to defer my Wineglass Marathon to 2015.  For the months of September and October I am going to focus on rebuilding my base mileage, cross training (I’m loving the pool time!), and losing the 10 lbs I gained over the summer to get back to my marathon training weight.  I plan to find an early spring marathon (leaning towards Shamrock in Va Beach…That was my first marathon and a nice flat course) and start training sometime in November.



XOXO~Running Betty

Happy running and good luck to everyone on their upcoming fall races! It’s right around the corner! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Regaining control of my life AND my blog

    • Thank you! And you’re hilarous! There definitely seems to be a huge online foot following so if you’re trying to get more blog traffic it’s definitely a good topic to write about! Lol

  1. Hey Kristine!! That’s great that you’re back in action and ready to go!! I’m sure you’ll kick it into gear very quickly. Getting off track can be sooo frustrating…I know because I’ve definitely had a drop in my swimming mileage this summer. Well, what frustrates us makes us stronger, right? Well, hopefully!! 🙂 🙂 Great quote at the end!! Have a fabulous week!! XOXO!!

    • Thanks! And it sure does! I usually always find time to work-out but this summer I exceeded my work tolerance level and I just lost my desire to squeeze in my runs. Such a blah feeling! The last week and a half have gone great though and I am definitely getting back into the swing of things! 🙂

  2. Woohoo!!! I’m soooo glad you’re back chica!!! Looking forward to being able to read your awesome posts again!!! And I’m super excited for fall racing and you are right it is right around the corner 🙂

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