Birthday celebrations and getting my mojo back! :-)

Finally winding down after a very busy and very eventful week! Back in Maryland, back to work, back on schedule, and getting back into my normal routine….and it felt absolutely amazing!! Feeling energized, happy, and motivated….definitely starting to get my mojo back!!

I got some great runs AND some great swims (mixing it up just a tiny bit) in…I’m loving the time I spend in the pool just as much as I enjoy my time “pounding the pavement” in my neon yellow Kinvaras.  My swimming form/technique/breathing is slowly coming back to me, and I’m really feeling like a fish back in the water! The swimming has been benefiting my running too…it’s been breaking up the monotony and helping me overcome my recent burn out, (surprisingly) making breathing feel so much easier during my runs, and my core is feeling stronger every day! It definitely requires more effort, time, and planning to get my swims in versus just walking out my front door (or hopping on my treadmill) to get a run in.  Despite that, I really want to make an effort to continue swimming 2-3 days every week….the benefits seem to be worth all that hassle!


I went on a long(ish) run today….one of my favorite routes up to the park where Danny and I had our first date (Yes, our first date was a run…followed by yummy dinner and red wine!), a couple of times around the park, then back to my house.  My breathing felt easy/controlled, my legs felt strong, and I was even able to pick up the pace a bit the last couple of miles (around 7:50 mile pace).  The plan was 7 miles, but as I got closer to my house I thought to myself, “If I stop at 7….that will be 29 miles for the week, that’s a silly number and it’s WAY TOO close to 30…if I don’t go an extra mile, I’m going to feel like I just quit…at 29 miles…why?! That just seems sooo lazy… Nope, no way…can’t do it…..” So I ran right by my house and kept going for just over one more mile…and honestly felt like I could have kept running for another hour! Today’s run was the first run where I’ve felt like that since the middle of June and it was just the confidence boost I needed! I feel like the old “Running Betty” is back! Woo hoo! 🙂


In non-training/exercise related news…yesterday was my daughter’s 9th birthday! We had a mini girls road trip down to Luray, VA to celebrate! We had a blast exploring the Luray Caverns, mining for gems, climbing on a ropes course, and visiting a wild animal rescue “zoo”.  🙂 We partied like “rock stars” (because rock stars hike through caves, pet llamas, and stay up late eating stuffed crust pizza and watching t.v. shows about mermaids….right?) to celebrate the beginning of my Princess’s last year in her single digits!! (Yikes!!) 😉

Girls just wanna have fun!

Girls just wanna have fun!

Weekly Run Down:

  • Monday: Run 6+Push-ups and Kettlebell workout
  • Tuesday: Run 6 miles+1600 meter Swim
  • Wednesday: Push-ups
  • Thursday: Run 6 miles+1800 meter swim
  • Friday: Run 4 miles + Push-ups
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 8.25 mile run

Total Weekly Miles: 30.25

Total 2014 Miles: 936.45



I hope you all had a fabulous week too! 🙂 What is your favorite form of cross training? How does it help your running? 




10 thoughts on “Birthday celebrations and getting my mojo back! :-)

  1. Hey! Awesome job on your workouts! Sounds like you’re happy! Swimming is fun! I do agree! 😉 Very cool about running the route where you guys went on your first date. Cute!! Have a wonderful week!! XOXO!!

    • Thank you! The swimming is definitely fun and has been good for me mentally. For years all I ever did was run…running is still my favorite but nice to mix is up a bit. 🙂 I’ve been running the “1st date route” a lot over the last couple of months, been missing my danny and it’s something small that helps me feel connected. 🙂

      • Hey Kristine!! Hope you’re having a great start to your Tuesday!! It’s horribly rainy here!! Yuck!! 😉 It’s amazing how running a remembered path can make you feel connected, almost as if Danny were running beside you. Very cool!! Glad you’re enjoying the route!! Sounds romantic!! 🙂
        Swimming is definitely a great way to mix up running; although, I’ve been running way more than swimming lately but I suppose I’ll get back to swimming after my half. It’s definitely hard to get a good balance but you seem to be doing a great job!! XOXO!!

    • Awesome! I need go get better about strength training. I will sporadically do pushups, trx, and kettlebells but not consistent enough with it. There are so many benefits that I know I’m missing out on!

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