That time I DIDN’T run a marathon…..

For those who don’t remember, yesterday I was SUPPOSED to run the Wineglass Marathon and it was SUPPOSED to be my peak race for the year/BQ attempt.  I was SUPPOSED to follow Hanson’s training method.  Bottom line is, there were a lot of things that were SUPPOSED to happen that just didn’t.  Life, work, lots of excuses, and a major motivational funk…I gave up on the idea of running Wineglass just a month into my training and chose instead to spend what free time I had outside of work on shenanigans instead.  I tried to get a few runs in here and there, but if I’m being honest I wasn’t in the right mental state and I totally half assed my work-outs and took a few big backwards in terms of my fitness.

Me this summer!

Me this summer!

That being said, I think I made the right decision to NOT run yesterday (Deferred my entry for the 2015 WGM).  Still, it was a weird feeling waking up yesterday, looking at my clock and thinking about the fact that the race I was supposed to be running was going on at that very moment.  This was my first time backing out of a race; even if I don’t feel 100% prepared I usually will just say, “F*#@ it!”, change my strategy/goal for the day, and look at it as more racing experience under my belt.    So yesterday, I had a couple hours of mourning and silent reflection for the marathon I DIDN’T run.



I’m O.K. with it, I really am….in fact, I think it’s EXACTLY what I needed.  It fueled the fire under me again, and I am ready to get back into “beast” training mode.  I’ve been running consistently for the last month and building my base mileage back up, last week I ran 35 total miles and this week I’m ready to start pushing my weekly mileage back above 40.   I signed up for two half marathons next month to “shake out” my racing legs and regain some of my confidence.  (I do a lot of non-peak races just to keep race anxiety in check for the peak ones) I need to decide on a Spring marathon soon so I can start planning out my training.  A March race would mean I’d have to start another training plan around the end of this month.  I want a race with a fast/flat course somewhere on the East Coast in March or April.  I’m looking and asking around, and hopefully will make a decision in the next week or two.

Hmmm....decisions, decisions!!

Hmmm….decisions, decisions!!

Even though I didn’t run a marathon last week *tears*, I did get some solid training runs in and I’m slowly, but surely, making a comeback!  Here’s my weekly run-down:

  • Monday-Run 7.1 (C&O Canal)
  • Tuesday-Rest
  • Wednesday- Run 11.7 (BWI Loop)+Strength Training
  • Thursday- Run 4.2
  • Friday-Run 7 (Speed work)
  • Saturday- Run 5 + Strength training
  • Sunday-Rest

Weekly Total Miles: 35 Miles

Total 2014 Miles: 1,059.55

Why running buddies are the best!!

Why running buddies are the best!!

Have you ever backed out of a race before? Did you “mourn” the race you didn’t run? Did it give you motivation to try harder for your next race? Does anyone have suggestions for good Spring Marathons on the East Coast?

Have a great week!!



12 thoughts on “That time I DIDN’T run a marathon…..

  1. It’s better that you didn’t run it because you may have injured yourself if you hadn’t trained properly. I know how frustrating it can be but sometimes you just have to listen to your body and relax a bit.

    • Totally agree betty! That was my take on it…my subconscious was telling me I needed the break. I’m happy to be re energized, remotivated, and back on track with my training! 🙂

  2. Eh’ no worries about the 26.2 that got away your refocused now and are soooo going to crush a spring marathon. I’ve back out of two races since getting into distance running. Once for injury and another time due to insufficient funds to cover travel expenses. It’s not a spring marathon but close enough. If you were willing to travel to Jacksonville, FL the 26.2 with Donna is a great marathon. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment! An injury is definitely a good reason not to run a race! Recovery is sooo important and no one race is worth a more serious or even permanent injury. And FI is a bit of a “hike” from md but I am also trying to eventually run a marathon in every state so I’ll at least look into it!

  3. I am injured right now (two stress fractures) and missing the NYC marathon next month, so I completely understand! I am enjoying the rest for my body and the mental break, not to mention the added free time, but I will be grieving when Nov. 2nd rolls around. Like you, though, the time off has given me a refresh on my motivation and desire to run! 🙂

    • So sorry to hear you are injured. 😦 I’m glad the break has helped you refresh you motivation and desire to run. I’m sure your next race will be a great one because of it! And hopefully you’ll get to run NYC another year. Maybe plan something for November 2nd that’s super fun instead!

    • Agree that it can be disappointing but sometimes the best decision! At least you did the half! Still an awesome accomplishment and a great alternative to not running a race at all. 🙂

  4. Hey Kristine!! At least you made the best decision for YOU!! That’s important and although I know it’s never fun to miss a race, you’re going to have many, MANY awesome races in the future!! Never doubt that!! Hope your week is rolling on fantastically!! xoxoxoxo

    • Kristin – thanks so much for your support! I accepted my decision not to run a couple of months before the race…just had the slightest cloud of disappointment over me the day of the actual race. And you’re right, it’s just one of many races – that is such a great perspective! It’s been a fantastic week for me and hopefully you too! 🙂

      • Kristine, totally get it!! I’m proud of you for accepting it and moving on- you’re such a strong woman!! Glad to hear you’re having a fab week!! Yaaay!! That’s awesome!! 🙂 🙂

  5. Sounds like you needed some time off. Hopefully you’ll come back recharged and in charge (but not large)! That’s awesome they let you defer. I’m actually getting excited to run, because they say any day now we’ll finally get fall temps for more than a day or two. Not yet though (it was 98 yesterday) ugh.

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