When life gives you lemons….bedazzle them

Last week was an insanely eventful week, between halloween and watching the NYC marathon. Kara goucher is hands down my favorite runner, she’s an amazing athlete,  a mommy, and seems like a genuinely nice person…so like a lot of people I was anxiously anticipating her comeback race. It was heartbreaking to see how devastated she was finishing the race. The wind was brutal and she said (through tears) that was the first time she had ever hit a wall in her career. She was torn between pushing herself to keep up with the lead pack and battling the wind head on with no cover. She still had an amazing performance and seeing her human side and her humility made her even more endearing. It shows that even elite runners can train, plan, strategize… and have things that are simply outside of their control throw off their race. I love that meb picked her up with a heartfelt pep talk. I’m so proud of her and every runner crazy, determined, and tough enough to finish that race. The conditions were absolutely brutal and it took pure grit to make it to the finish line!


Halloween was fun this year. I got to go out the night before to an “Xpose Fitness” halloween party in Baltimore with a few friends. It was cool getting to see some of the performances and people who are die hard dedicated to a different fitness activity. For those who aren’t familar…Xpose teaches “strip aerobics”…I have a friend who takes some of the more advanced classes and all those pole classes have made her arms seriously buff! I went to a chair class once…it’s simply not my thing…I’m too clumsy and don’t feel sexy at all tripping over a chair or watching my weak attempts at a “booty pop” in the mirror!  Lol I’m all about giving new fitness activities a shot though…so I’d suggest dropping in for at least one of their free trial classes if you’re looking to mix up your routine or simply want a fun but active “happy hour” with the girls after work.


Our red carpet shot!

Then on Halloween I put on my “mommy version” of my costume and took my daughter trick or treating. We walked over 2 miles and made out like bandits! 145 pieces of candy…yes, I know how many pieces of candy she got because she has some strange form of OCD (which she may have inherited from me)…and she actually sorted her candy into small groups of 5 then counted them! Well…in all honesty she had 148 but couldn’t take it so she gave 3 pieces to me! Yay for peanut butter chocolate!  πŸ˜‰


So there is a lot of rambling in this post and not much order…not that it is out of the ordinary for me…but today I’m feeling particularly distracted. It’s something I wasn’t ready to talk about and I was honestly hoping when I started to feel a dull ache on the top of my foot that I could just ignore it…it would go away…and I could keep running. Well…over the weekend I set out for my “10 mile run” on saturday…and again on Sunday. Both times the pain forced me to stop at 4 miles. The second time (sunday) I was in tears it hurt so bad. I sat on my bed, icing my swollen foot and accepted the fact that it was time to go to the doctor.

I made an appointment this morning for a podiatrist (good friend of dannys and a fellow runner that I knew I could trust) and was fidgeting all day….hoping that I was just being a big old drama queen and everything would be just fine. Unfortunately, my fear was confirmed at my appointment, I have a stress fracture in a metatarsal of my right foot. It was visible in the x-ray but I won’t know exactly how bad it is until after my MRI Friday. As of right now…my prescribed treatment is 3 weeks I an aircast and NO activity. Well…I can do stuff with my arms (what the podiatrist demonstrated looked like the version of chair aerobics they do in nursing homes so I’m not sure I’m game for that). I’m just hoping to get the go ahead to start swimming and doing yoga again at my 3 week check up.

The silver lining in all of this…is I will have the next couple of months to let my body heal, get stronger, and focus on my cross training. The obvious negatives…no running and an early spring marathon is probably out of the question. The 20 miles I ran last week may have been the last 20 miles I run in 2014. (Not giving up yet…going to follow doctors guidance and make sure I heal 100%).

Total 2014 miles: 1153.55

Guess what my first stop was after leaving the doctors office?  I’ll give you a hint…what does every girl with a stress fracture and a brand new, but oh so blah, aircast need??


Bedazzling supplies, duh!! I picked up some “gem stone” stickers and an awesome ribbon at michaels to decorate my aircast. Because if I’m going to be stuck wearing this thing for the next 3 weeks…I might as well rock it, right? πŸ˜‰ As silly as it may seem…seeing my ridiculously sparkly, razzle dazzly boot did make me giggle and made me feel just the teeniest bit better!



Have you ever had a stress fracture before? How long did it take you to recover? How’d you make the best of it?  What kind of cross training did you do?


9 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons….bedazzle them

  1. Kristine, so sorry to hear about your stress fracture. At least you’re in the process of recovery, Danny is coming home (which equals yaaay), and you’ll be so distracted by being so happy that 3 weeks will fly by in no time! I know you’ll be right back at it! You have so much heart! Also, love your boot!! So chic!! I’m sure the sparkles made your eyes light up (I love sparkles, too)! Hang in there and know that no setback can keep ya down!!
    Love your Halloween costume, too!! Cute and sounds like a fun event!! XOXO

    • Thanks kristin! It’s good timing with danny getting home this weekend…I’m sure I’ll be so preoccupied with having him back thay I won’t want to run for a couple of weeks any way. πŸ˜‰ And thank you for compliment about the boot. ..it made me giggle and definitely got some smiles at work today which made it fun. Everyone has setbacks and I feel confident that this will be a pretty minor one for me. I should be able to start getting some miles in again by early next year! *fingers crossed*

  2. So sorry to read this! I am just finishing up my timeout for two stress fractures (in my heel and tibia.) I ran one mile on Sunday after not running since the first week of September, and I am maybe going to try another half-mile tomorrow. It’s frustrating feeling like I’m starting from scratch, but you will come back strong and refocused!

    • Yikes…sorry to hear about your stress fractures. I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery and it definitely is encouraging for me. Congrats on running your first post-injury mile. I’m sure you’ll be back in running shape in no time!

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