A Reclusive Recovery

It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve posted a blog, my last one being when I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my right foot.  I’ve dealt with some minor running injuries in the past; plantar fasciitis, tight IT band, runners knee…but this is the first injury that 100% side lined me from running.  I spent  6 weeks in an air cast + 2 additional weeks of restricted activity.  Tomorrow will be my first post injury run of 1 mile! I never imagined it was possible to be SO excited about getting to run 1 mile!  I have my recovery/mileage build up plan mapped out for the next few months, but I’m definitely going to take it easy, listen to my body, and play it smart to prevent reinjuring myself!

Looking forward to 5 am!!

Looking forward to 5 am!!

I had great plans and intentions of sharing my recovery triumphs and words of wisdom along the way, but every time I started to write I found myself lost for words.  I realized I am NOT an expert in recovery and don’t handle injuries graciously!  I realized that I had rooted my identity in being “a runner”, and not only did I feel a little blue not being able to run, I felt like I had lost part of my identity.  I wondered…Is a runner who doesn’t run still a runner?  I’m mean, yeah…sure, I was/am a recovering runner but still, I found I just wanted and needed to focus on other things to stay positive during my recovery.


So, how did I stay busy over last 2 months??

  • Spent more time with family and friends
  • Extra guitar practice!
  • Enjoyed preparing for and celebrating the holidays
Ilana with our "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree"

Ilana with our “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree”

  • An unplanned, random road trip down south with the boyfriend!
Walking the beach in FL

Walking the beach in FL

  • Helped Ilana practice her swimming at the YMCA
  • Organizing and minimizing my house
  • Drank good, yummy, red wine
Wine Corks!

Wine Corks!

  • Cross training work-outs (I’ll share my “stress fracture friendly” workouts soon!)

What my injury/recovery has taught me (so far….)?

  • I’m not immune to injuries! Overuse injuries, like stress fractures, sneak up on you after weeks/months of abuse.  I went from feeling unstoppable to a dead stop in an instant.
  • NEVER, ever, ever, EVER ignore an injury! As hard as it was to take 2 months off running, it was the only way for my body to fully recover.  Running on a stress fracture is bad news and can lead to more serious/permanent injuries if ignored!
  • The importance of proper rest and recovery and not over doing it when not injured.  While I never ran 7 days in a row, I was racing almost every weekend for almost 3 straight years.  My body finally had enough!
  • The importance of cross training and stretching, to reduce risk of muscle imbalances/tightness that can lead to injuries.
  • The importance of proper diet/nutrition.  I am NOT a “naturally skinny” girl! I counted on 30+ miles a week to off set my love for not so healthy foods! My pants have gotten a wee bit snug during my hiatus and I’ve had to cut back on my munching! Also, started taking vitamins, something I’ve always neglected in the past, to help my body heal.
  • Running does NOT define me.  It is something I enjoy to do, but it is not the only thing I like to do and it is NOT who I am.
  • To stop being so hard on myself.  I can be annoyingly Type A and even drive myself nuts at times with my attempts to be “good at everything” Sometimes it is o.k. not to be working towards my next “big goal”.
  • How to relax and be content doing absolutely nothing!


Have you ever been sidelined from running due to an injury? What did being injured teach you?






8 thoughts on “A Reclusive Recovery

  1. Kristine, I’m so excited to hear about tomorrow! I have a feeling you’re going to run an incredible mile! It’s going to feel so satisfying to just be outside running in the open air! Yaaay!! Great picture of you and Danny by the way! The beach looks enchanting! Glad you guys had a fun time and I love your Christmas Tree!! Lana looks so happy and excited for Christmas! Love it! 🙂 Let me know how it goes tomorrow!! XOXO

    • Thank you for your support Kristin! I’ll let you know for sure how my first post-injury mile goes! Injuries/set-backs can be so frustrating but they also present an opportunity to start over and train smarter! We had a great vacation/great holidays! Hope you did too! Have a great night! XOXO back at ya! 🙂

      • HEY! Yes, totally right about an opportunity to train smarter. That’s a great way of looking at it!! Setbacks definitely help athletes to grow stronger mentally and to pick up some valuable lessons! Have a fabulous week! I’m sure I’ll be talking to ya!! XOXO

  2. This post (and how I missed this, I’m not sure) makes me feel a whole lot better. I broke my ankle right before Thanksgiving and have been pretty much sidelined since. I thought I was on the road to recovery when *wham*! It swelled back up and I’m off of it again. Reading this, altho I’m not as avid a runner as you (not even close, but I do enjoy a short distance jog), makes me think I am in good company. ❤ Glad I found this when I did. (Especially since I REALLY felt sorry for myself the other night, LOL)

    • It’s always nice to know you’re not alone! So sorry to hear about your injury! I hope you find yourself on the road to recovery soon! I think the occasional pity party is totally acceptable! I’ve had a few ups and downs…still do! But happy to at least be on the upswing! 🙂

      • It renewed my faith in the body’s ability to right itself after having read your post. 🙂 I, too, rocked an AirCast. I actually even dressed around it for a holiday dinner last month…grey “other boot,” grey sweater, grey bag, LOL. 😀

        Am hoping to get a 5K under my belt before the heat and humidity take me out for summer (which is when I get my cardio in the pool), but I keep having issues with what I fondly refer to as “Suck-Foot,” lol…There is plenty of time, however. And I did stairs today…twice, so there’s that. 🙂

      • I am so hoping I will get cleared to lift again. Cardio is my second favorite thing (I love Zumba and a good jog), but lifting the heavy stuff is my first love, and while I can do some light upper body, it doesn’t quite fit the bill, soooo fingers and toes crossed for a good final ortho appointment on Thursday. Baby steps are better than no steps, or crutched steps, for sure! 🙂 ❤

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